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Should I take a cat I helped with me? — 4 Comments

  1. Find Findix and all, your family. My cats had no trouble ever with change in home far away. Check friends,neighbors,animal providers, & your vet may have heard, inquire for help from adult and child groups, schools, maybe an ad in paper and/or request via radio or TV if possible. With her paw, she is like an injured child. I am sure a home for her babies can be found. All of you are in my prayers. Hope to hear positively soon.

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  2. For heavens sake, do whatever is necessary to find Findix. She is part of your family! She and her brood, internal or external. I traveled when moving long distances with mine. Never had any trouble due to moving. I am a real cat and dog lover, was raised with them, sincerely mean “a part of the family”. I’ll pray for them and you Please check with former neighbors, cat lovers, animal societies,e.g.,Humane, the pound, and the Vet(s), etc. Consider offering a reward. Perhaps girl scouts, boy scouts, etc. would help., if you asked. Word can get around fast. Of course, an ad in the local paper could help,too. I hate to say it, but, even if unintentional, sort of, you abandoned them, and they are your responsibility. Today, there is all kinds of help re: spaying, neutering,and even finding homes for animals if needed. My neighbor took a brood of little mongrel kittens, a female cat who took up at his home to an animal store, who took them off his hands. He still has mama, who is not able to have more kittens and his dog who is her best animal friend. Hope to hear positively soon. Best wishes to you and yours, all of them.

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