Should I take a cat I helped with me?

by Sanem
(Edremit, Balıkesir, Turkey.)

Hi Everyone…A few months ago, just a week before the new year’s eve one of the cats in our neighborhood had an accident.

I don’t know how it happened but her right paw got broken and almost severed. We took her to a vet and she said she needed to remove the paw above the elbow.

We treated the cat, now I call her FINDIK, with antibiotics until she was ready for the operation.

She had the operation, lost the paw and managed to recover completely. She was living happily. But now we moved house last week and now I think about Fındik too much.

She is pregnant. She managed to get pregnant before we could neuter her. The vet, originally told us to wait for the paw to get healed completely before she neuters Fındık.

However, we discovered that she was pregnant even before the paws furs returned.

Now, I want to take her where we live now. Is it a good thing to do? I am worried that she may want to get back where she used to live and get run over by a car or something like that!!!!

Fındık is going to give birth soon. I don’t really know what should I do. Please advise me.

Sanem from Edremit

Hi Sanem… thanks for visiting and asking. There is no question in my mind that you should take her wherever you go but it is important that you keep her inside (indoors) until she is familiar with the place and when she goes out you might take her out on a leash like a dog or supervise her in some way to ensure that she is safe and does not wander.

You need to supervise her outside so that she does not get into trouble.

She is part of your extended family as you have cared for her so well.

Findix will get used to the new place and I would expect that she is missing you.

Go back to her, find her and bring her back into the family as soon as possible but keep her safe for the first weeks.

Cats take about 6-9 months to get completely used to being in a new place. But they will settle down in time, no problem. The important thing is that you are together again for both of you.

I realise that I am writing this from the perspective of a person living in England and the culture and our relationships with our domestic cats are a bit different but my advice is what anyone living in the UK or USA would probably give.

Good luck.

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Should I take a cat I helped with me?

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Apr 05, 2012 Happy to read update on Findik ! NEW
by: Anonymous

Glad you got internet connection, finally.
You’re doing the right thing, if Findik has kittens is normal for her to be protective. Please don’t give up on your search, it helps to have good friends able to help out.
Anxious to learn how things turn out !
Southeast Arizona USA

Apr 05, 2012 Fındık NEW
by: Sanem

Thanks for everyone’s interest.I didn’t have internet connection in the new home and they made the connection late afternoon yesterday. I couldn’t write back.

Ever since my last post I went every day to where I used to live but I couldn’t find Findik. Yesterday evening I went there with my husband and son and looked for her everywhere. We called out her name but she didn’t come.

My guess is that she had her kittens and hiding somewhere. I will keep on searching for her. There are a few more cat friends in my ex neighborhood who gives food and water and sometimes medical care. Perhaps one of them knows about her. I will ask them about Findik.

I am doing fine in my new home but there are so few cats here. Thanks for asking.

Apr 05, 2012 How’s Findik doing? NEW
by: Anonymous

You haven’t posted for several days, is everything allright?
Has Findik had her kittens, how’s everyone doing?
How’s Sanem in your new home?
Please post that we may find out how you & Findik are, perhaps kittens as well.
Best to you & yours
mutual cat lover

Apr 02, 2012 Have you found Findik, how is she ? NEW
by: Anonymous

You haven’t posted in a few days, are you allright?
Have you been able to find Findik, has she had the babies?
As cat lovers/rescuers/helper we’re very concerned
please let us know how both of you are doing ?
Hope all is well.
A mutual cat lover
Southeast Arizona

Mar 30, 2012 Have you found Findix NEW
by: keenpetite

Thinking about you & friend Findix, last post you mentioned that you could keep her safe a short time.
Have you been able to find her, concerned because pregnancy taked about 60 days.
Please make a concerted effort to find her & possibly her kittens, she’s very vulnerable plus she misses you.
My best wishes for you & Findix.
Southeast Arizona

Mar 30, 2012 Thanks alot for the advice. NEW
by: Sanem

Thank you Michael and Ruth.Your advie is very valuable to me. Now, my mind is made up. I have two other cats at home but, I guess I will be able to give Findik a place, even for a limited time.

Mar 30, 2012 Yes, bring her home with you NEW
by: Barbara

I agree that since you took in Findik and cared for her you have become responsible for her and to abandon here now with a paw missing and heavily pregnant would be letting her down badly. Please go and bring her to your home and continue to care for her, keep her indoors safely until she has the kittens and then afterwards at least until you can have her spayed and until you are sure she knows where her home is and wouldn’t stray. As for the kittens please find them safe, kind and hopefully loving homes and insist they too are neutered. You did a great kindness in taking Findik into your family, please stand by her again now. Good luck.

Barbara avatar

Mar 29, 2012 Findix is now part of your of your family ! NEW
by: Anonymous

You’re are now one of us, a catlover/rescuer/helper
please do go back to you used to live & try to find Findix, she’s very vulnerable plus she’s ready to give birth, obviously Findix is missing her momma tremendously, she knows you’re her rescuer/helper as well as a cat lover,
My best to you & Findix with kittens,
Southeast Arizona

Mar 29, 2012 Findix is now part of your of your family ! NEW
by: Anonymous

You’re are now one of us, a catlover/rescuer/helper
please do go back to you used to live & try to find Findix, she’s very vulnerable plus she’s ready to give birth, obviously Findix is missing her momma tremendously, she knows you’re her rescuer/helper as well as a cat lover,
My best to you & Findix with kittens,
Southeast Arizona

Mar 29, 2012 Bring kitty or not NEW
by: Mary O

Ditto Michael on your advice, the only thing I might add is here in the United States, especially in a suburban area, it is very frowned upon to allow your cat to freely roam about outside. If you care about your cat, you should provide things to keep her happy indoors….cat trees, window perches, plenty of toys, catnip and food puzzles. There are way to many people here that either don’t like or don’t appreciate outdoor cats. Just as dogs cannot roam freely, nor can cats any longer. Keep her safe, keep her indoors, it will keep her with you much longer than a free roaming kitty!

Mar 29, 2012 Yes you should take Findix NEW
by: Ruth

How kind of you to help Findix. I agree with Michael that she would be much safer with you and happier too once she settles into her new home.
Having lost a paw and also being pregnant means she is very vulnerable and needs to be kept inside at least until she’s had her kittens and they are weaned and she can then be spayed.
Good luck.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

4 thoughts on “Should I take a cat I helped with me?”

  1. Find Findix and all, your family. My cats had no trouble ever with change in home far away. Check friends,neighbors,animal providers, & your vet may have heard, inquire for help from adult and child groups, schools, maybe an ad in paper and/or request via radio or TV if possible. With her paw, she is like an injured child. I am sure a home for her babies can be found. All of you are in my prayers. Hope to hear positively soon.

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  2. For heavens sake, do whatever is necessary to find Findix. She is part of your family! She and her brood, internal or external. I traveled when moving long distances with mine. Never had any trouble due to moving. I am a real cat and dog lover, was raised with them, sincerely mean “a part of the family”. I’ll pray for them and you Please check with former neighbors, cat lovers, animal societies,e.g.,Humane, the pound, and the Vet(s), etc. Consider offering a reward. Perhaps girl scouts, boy scouts, etc. would help., if you asked. Word can get around fast. Of course, an ad in the local paper could help,too. I hate to say it, but, even if unintentional, sort of, you abandoned them, and they are your responsibility. Today, there is all kinds of help re: spaying, neutering,and even finding homes for animals if needed. My neighbor took a brood of little mongrel kittens, a female cat who took up at his home to an animal store, who took them off his hands. He still has mama, who is not able to have more kittens and his dog who is her best animal friend. Hope to hear positively soon. Best wishes to you and yours, all of them.

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