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  1. We need to protect the honeybee. Not the Africanized ones though. I tend to put all the critters back outside. Including the porch lizard that has a bad habit of slipping under the storm door and nesting in my shoe. I do a perimeter spray outside along the foundation. And I did take out the ant hill you could see on google earth that was plaguing all of us. Too many ant bites.
    Right now I have rabbits. Many species of bird both song and larger ones, lizards, toads, rabbits, quail and a couple of road runners living in my yard. I usually put spiders back outside unless their species is questionable.

    • ME, you are an animal rights activist 😉 Good on you for putting out spiders and generally thinking whether you need to kill insects. I kill some insects. Mosquitos do no good at all so I squash those (they have no rights in my book). Flies have the same non-status for me. Spiders I always save and bees and in fact most other insects.

  2. Personally, I’ve never used any insecticide. Mostly, because I have always had cats. Not only do I fear the affects these poisons would have on my cats, but my cats pretty much alert me to any intruders. Not a spider, palmetto bug, or lizard isn’t detected.
    Florida can be a very buggy place.
    When I see one of my cats chasing something, staring and mewing at the ceiling, or just standing allegiance somewhere, I know that I need to take action.
    I do the best I can to just remove any intruder outside. On occasion, I’ve failed like when I took my toe and barely nudged a huge spider out the door. Suddenly, she birthed what looked like hundreds of baby spiders in my kitchen.
    All in all, I think that even insects have the right to be here, as we do. And, I think that we could do better not to make our homes so inviting for them if we don’t want them.
    There are many sites with tips that will tell you how not to have uninvited guests.

    • Good, we think alike. I feel that insects (barring flies and mosquitos) have a right to life and to be left alone. I always eject them from the home or leave them alone.

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