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Should It Be Illegal to Declaw Your Cat? — 4 Comments

    • You are an idiot. I am making an obvious comparison between the attitude of the citizens of different countries to make a point – no more and no less. To introduce terrorism is pathetic and ridiculous and anyone can see that.

  1. Michael, Yes, absolutely!!! This MUST be stopped!!!!!!! When anyone asks me about it, I say to them, “well, first, let’s schedule an appointment to have all of your fingertips amputated, then we’ll discuss declawing a cat!!” It is a downright, ignorant practice that needs to be stopped!!!!!!! I trim my cats’ claws myself with the help of my son to hold them while I trim. There are also nail caps which look really cool, but I prefer trimming them. My house is to be lived in — not for show. And although I have plenty of scratching posts and such for my “kids”, my furniture is not that damned important — I don’t get bent out of shape if they decide to use my furniture to occasionally scratch. My cats’ happiness and health come first!! ♥♥♥

    • Thanks Diane. Jennifer Conrad DVM, the founder of The Paw Project asked me to write something on this to provide a counter argument to the NY Times articles. I have said it hundreds of times: declawing is an aberration and clearly immoral. If people won’t voluntarily stop they’ll have to be stopped.

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