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Should Pet Owners Be Responsible for the Actions of Their Cat? — 4 Comments

  1. Michael, I think you covered this topic with several intelligent points.

    Although cats are not as dangerous to humans as dogs are, free roaming cats can cause damage to flower gardens, fight with other cats, or chase/catch birds. The worse part of having a free roaming cat is the risk of retaliation from neighbors with poison, trapping, shooting, or being hit by a vehicle.

    Allowing a cat to follow it’s instinctive behavior means accepting the risks. I’m unable to do that for my own peace of mind, and the awareness of my limited financial ability to care for an injured cat.
    So, it’s a balance of emotion and practicality.

  2. As far as a cats safety goes, i have to agree with cat “owners” needing to take responsibility for their cats actions..but that is where i draw the line..i have been threatened by neighbors dogs many times and i have also stepped in dog poo countless times !!! Cats are more elusive than dogs…i have never had a problem with a free roaming cat and i never had to clean cat poo off of my shoe..

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