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Should the use of air guns be licensed in the UK because 1000 cats are shot by them every year? — 3 Comments

  1. I’m assuming that an air gun is pretty much the same as what we call a BB gun here, where pellets are dispersed by a force of air.
    I hate those things. They have the potential to kill very small animals, like squirrels, and seriously injure larger animals like cats.
    I don’t think that there are any regulations here, either, that doesn’t prevent a 10 year old from using one.
    But, what kind of parent equips their children with weapons? That’s the real question.
    I never allowed even toy weapons with my kids. But, I lived in a time of peace and love (hippie).
    It’s a different world now.
    But, I still remember how to “BITCH-SLAP” idiot parents!

  2. I still for the life of me don’t understand how ‘air-rifles’ or any item replicating a similar ‘real weapon’ is acceptable nowadays in any society in any country. Why is it acceptable? And to licence it even crazier as they clearly cause real damage and distress.
    Something that is a legalised weapon, posing as a toy is still an item that will always be attractive to kids for many reasons.
    And all the poor defensless animals that have a ‘pop’ taken at them will continue to suffer until the authorities ban them completely.
    The statistics for injuries to Uk cats from these alone is dismal, how sad.

  3. I’m in ban guns groups, there is no reason for ordinary people, especially young ones to have possession of a gun!
    Animals and birds are injured or killed by idiots too many times, but also people and children have been shot ‘by mistake’
    Weapons are bad news and frightening!
    In our own little town a whole lot of them have been stolen from an empty house, our Police tell us:
    ‘Air rifles and ornamental knives stolen from a burglary which occured overnight between the 8th and 9th February. Some of the air rifles are gas powered , while others are standard air rifles. Also various ornamental knives and crossbows were taken during the burglary’
    What were all those weapons doing there? Who did they belong to? What are the thieves planning to do with them?
    They should never have been available in the first place to whoever left them there!

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