Should this employee have been allowed to keep the cat he rescued?

It is June 1st 2014 in Mesa Arizona. The Martinka family were packing up for a move to Medford. They went to find their cat, Sweet Tea, but she bolted – no doubt unsettled by all the packing and disturbance of her familiar territory.

They couldn’t find her and so eventually were forced to leave. Sweet Tea had raced into a storage container which had been locked up after her.

cat trapped in storage container

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The story is a bit thin at that point but I presume the storage container was left at the property ready for pick up by a removals company. The container was picked up and transported the almost 1000 miles to Medford by PDOS (you can see one of their storage units in the adjacent picture).

The overall time that Sweet Pea was trapped in the storage container was a month, we are told. A testament to the survival instincts and abilities of the domestic cat. Also cats do have this almost desert cat-like ability to survive on little water for long periods. This isn’t the first case like this. In a previous one the cat drank condensation which formed on the inside of the container to survive.

Fortunately for Sweet Pea, PODS had a nice employee, Don Roush, who heard the cat’s cries, from within the container, at the storage depot in White City.

Roush got permission to open the container and out popped Sweet Pea. 

Roush matter-of-factly says:

“I didn’t do anything that anyone else wouldn’t do,”

Roush saved her, feed her and reunited her with her family. He also said that if he had not been able to reunite her with her family he would have kept her and named her “Arizona”.  I sense he wanted to look after her. Should he have been allowed to?


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  1. Yea I agree with what others have said as well. Would of been nice if he had of got to keep her but he did the right thing.


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