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Should this employee have been allowed to keep the cat he rescued? — 9 Comments

  1. Yea I agree with what others have said as well. Would of been nice if he had of got to keep her but he did the right thing.

  2. It would have been great for him to keep the cat. However,I think in his mind,the right thing was to return the cat.Either way,I applaud him for saving the cat.

  3. I am very touched to hear that the man who saved her wanted to reunite the cat with the owners. Did company policy demand the he find the owners I wonder, or was it his kind heart? It was the right thing to do. What if it was a neighbor’s cat who wandered in? Without knowing how long the owners searched, I cannot conclude whether they deserved to get the cat back.

    It is quite thankful the cat survived and is okay. Those containers can become quite hot as they typically have a roof which although dimmed, sunlight can come through.

    I have heard moving stories often about cats disappearing in the chaos. Pet owners should be aware to kennel or confine cats before beginning a move. I assume this family will be more careful next time.

    • I think he did it himself without reference to company rules. I just think on balance this cat would be better with the rescuer. Just a gut feel although the law is clear. The owners should have her back.

  4. I wish he could have kept her too. She reminds me of the sweet Calico that lives at the horse farm where our Sauk City fireworks bunker is located. The cat showed up in the back of a semi trailer that came to deliver something to the farm. I can’t remember if it was fireworks or supplies for the horses or what, but Kurt got more than he ordered that day. He kept the cat. Turns out she showed up pregnant. He got every one of the kittens (except one they could not manage to catch or trap) and the momma spayed.

    She still has a penchant for climbing into vehicles. We have to watch closely for her that she doesn’t end up trapped in the back of a truck we are loading. Some cats just love to go inside things like that, and even being stuck in there, traveling down the road, ending up in unfamiliar territory– none of that has dimmed her love of jumping into the back of a truck while it is being loaded.

    I imagine this cat might be similar. They will need to watch her carefully. But will they? I think the rescuer should have gotten to keep the cat. He’d probably do a better job of keeping her safe.

  5. I wish Don Roush had been able to keep the cat, those people didn’t deserve to have her back after just going off and leaving her missing.

    • For me it is in the balance but they seem to have not tried that hard to find their cat and the rescuer loved this cat. That is my guess. He should have had the chance to the cat he rescued.

  6. Thank goodness for Don Roush, he saved Sweet Tea’s life and yes of course if he hadn’t managed to reunite her with her family he should have been the one who had first chance to adopt her, he obviously cares about cats and seems a kind unassuming man who didn’t make anything of the huge thing he did. But fancy your cat bolting and just going off and leaving it…….. fancy not searching home, garden and storage container….. ! The mind boggles

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