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Should Trap-Neuter-Release Include Regular Feeding of Feral Cats? — 9 Comments

  1. How cruel some people are! Humans caused feral cat colonies to exist in the first place by throwing un-neutered cats out to breed, thus causing generations of kittens to follow, born wilder each time!
    Of course they wouldn’t go away if not fed, they would scavenge in the area, trying to find food in peoples bins.
    Also the bird lovers would soon be bleating when the starving cats had to kill birds as well as rodents, to survive.
    How can any supposed to be human being not find any compassion in their heart for any creature homeless and hungry!
    What a tragedy that those of us who care have to share this world with the sickeningly cruel selfish people who have no compassion for other living beings.

  2. TNR is so much more than the implied trap-neuter-return. It is really should be TNRS (trap-neuter-return-sustain).

    It’s a program, not a hobby or pasttime. There is no doing it halfway. Feral colonies have caretakers who are emotionally invested and totally committed to the complete wellbeing of every cat in their charge. That includes their nutritional health. TNR is a packaged deal that includes feeding.

    I’m aware that there are people who hate seeing ferals fed and will remark, “If you don’t feed them, they’ll go away”. Not likely. But, even if some do, they’ll go somewhere else where they may be fed. Isn’t it better to
    keep them intact in one location?

    Merritt Clifton has written some decent things about ferals; but, I believe that he still doesn’t completely get it.

    • Very good comment because it says it like it truly is (there is also the human element) but the USFWS don’t see feral cats like you and other caretakers do. They see them as pests to be eliminated.

      • The USFWS can spit all the venom they want. They have no power to enact any law over anything, much less ferals. Again, they use scare tactics and implied power to get what they want.

        • That’s why everyone else just poisons and shoots them for you because you refuse to do what needs to be done. You’re too weak and spineless.

          TNR: A method to eliminate all feral cats as quickly as possible.

          Since you won’t do it, we then thank you for making them congregate in colonies where it makes it easier for anyone else to dispatch them all in one action.

          Sustaining them was never a part of the equation of TNR. If you believe these cats belong outside then why are you bothering to sterilize them? You’re an ignorant hypocrite of the 1st-degree. Those are not insults, those are accurate descriptors of who and what you are.

          • Brad, you have made several mistakes.

            1. You refer to “shoots them for you..” You seem to be addressing your comment to me. I don’t do TNR.
            2. “TNR: A method to eliminate all feral cats as quickly as possible.” No, TNR is a humane way of gradually and systematically reducing the feral cat population.
            3. “Sustaining them was never a part of the equation of TNR”. No one is trying to sustain them. The objective is opposite: to reduce numbers.
            4. “If you believe these cats belong outside then why are you bothering to sterilize them?” People who are involved in TNR don’t believe that feral cats belong outside. They just are outside and by the biggest recipient of TNR are feral cats. The objective is to sterilise them.

            Sorry Brad but you are miles off target. You don’t understand it.

          • Hi Jimbo.
            My mistake. I used the word “sustain” which is wrong. The better word would have been “safeguard”.

            I appreciate your civil manner.

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