Should we be against using domestic cats for our entertainment?

What do you think of the Real Catwalk? The Real Catwalk as you can see is dressing up a domestic cat in custom made clothes and making them look like catwalk human models.

Using cats for our entertainment
Using cats for our entertainment
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It looks clever and interesting and you have to hand it to the video maker for creating this to a high quality but….is it a good idea, in an absolute sense, if you put aside the entertainment value?

Some people would say it is a bad idea to do this to a cat. Some might say that it is an abuse. I get that but it’s hard to see a real abuse of this cat here. But if you analyse it there is a mild abuse going on.

It is not something I’d do and I am not comfortable with it because I like to see domestic cats behaving naturally. Dressing up cats to make them look human is entertaining for people and there is no real harm to the cat but – there is always a but – and I’ll say it again, it is using the cat to entertain ourselves.

In the words of PETA, “ANIMALS ARE NOT OURS to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way.”

There it is: ‘use for entertainment’. PETA is justifiably quite or very extreme sometimes in its thinking but in order to effect change in a well entrenched culture which uses animals in many ways you have to be extreme to shock people into altering deeply entrenched habits which are detrimental to animal welfare.

I know that many people who love cats dislike PETA’s policies and method of operation. I can respect that view but I disagree with them. I support PETA and therefore I support their purist fight against using animals for our entertainment which means I disagree with this video.

Although the video is a mild abuse of the domestic cat, at worst, it encourages the wrong mentality in our relationship with animals. It is a reflection of a less than good relationship with animals (some would say plain bad). We can do better and we can start by not making videos like this one.

Note: this video has been appropriated by people who did not make it. It is on YouTube but I have used a Twitter version because I believe that it is less likely to be removed. Many videos are deleted by YouTube admininistrators because there is rampant copyright violations on that platform (as there are across the internet nowadays).

In case the Twitter version fails here is a YouTube version:


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