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Should We Engage with China or Criticise China On Animal and Human Rights? — 6 Comments

  1. The US has no room to talk about animal abuse, what with all the sadistic FB pages, the botched animal abuse investigations and the way the authorities wink at abusers, but China is the worse. Maybe someone with a cooler head can talk to them about animal abuse.

    Years ago I bought a hooded jacket with fur trim from JC Penney. I noticed my cats went wild whenever I put the jacket on the bed. They investigated the fur in particular, rubbed up against it and licked it constantly. I finally read the label: made in China. The fur was most likely dog or cat fur. The idea that a real animal died (and was probably tortured) for their fur gave me the creeps and I threw the jacket out. Never again.

  2. I can’t think of worse animal abuse than a Bear Bile Farm, that’s about as bad as it gets, living in a cage so small it touches your sides and causes sores with a tap in your stomach oozing puss for decades, not to mention losing the odd paw for a soup.

    • Yes, I completely agree with you about Bear Bile. It is disgusting, utterly cruel abuse of an animal. I try not to think of it as it is so upsetting.

  3. Engage with China?
    Not a chance with me.
    I refuse to buy any product from China since they killed so many of our pets and, even, human babies, with their tainted products.
    As long as we continue to owe China billions of dollars ( the UK as well), their imports will never stop. But, at least we’re a little wiser now and want nothing to do with their poisons.

    • Unfortunately most people are not like us in our thinking Dee because these people will buy a cheap bargain regardless of its origin or whether it’s safe or been ethically produced. Let alone if animals are involved in any aspect of the production of their cheap bounty they just acquired. Ignoramuses

  4. China tests on animals. They won’t allow any products from ANY other country unless they TEST ON ANIMALS before it goes on sale in China! It’s disgusting. They have no regard for anything. It is still and always be in my eyes a ruthless country with totally unethical views and laws towards its own race as well as animals. It says a lot about a country. How can they be so archaic and yet one of the most forward industrially successful countries? I think the UK government should be taken to task for supporting China in any form.
    Sorry rant over.

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