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Should you be sharing your bed with your favorite feline? Infographic. — 7 Comments

  1. Michael. . .absolutely yes!!! My “kids” always sleep with me. Because of my work schedule, I get to be nocturnal like them! So I have no major issues other than the zoomies occasionally. I wouldn’t have it any other way!! ♥♥♥

  2. Just love having my Kittygirl lay on top of me when I am sleeping, feels like I am being hugged, as I sleep alone and enjoy no one snoring (purrs I love, they lull me to sleep) or turning , or hogging the covers. Can’t think of a better companion, of course I am a Senior now , so it’s just the very being, I love sharing my bed with.

  3. I can tick about half the numbers above, the cat staring was a beautiful thing to wake up to in the morning, nothing beats a cat hot water bottle, once I worked out how he liked to sleep (his head on my arm and one paw touching me) we had peaceful nights. The cat staring was my morning wake up call. Happy days indeed.

    • For me, with Gabriel, being young as he is, the early morning stuff is play. He likes to play in the early hours. He has his toy mice to tear to bits. He also comes under the covers to warm up. It has been a long time since I have looked after a young cat and it is different. Very active from 5 am onwards to midday. And then in the evening.

  4. Would I share my bed with my cat and let him sleep with me? The answer YES!!!!! When my little guy was still alive…he always slept on the bed with me. I had to shift him to a corner piece so I wouldn’t hurt him if I tossed & turned at all. To be honest..I’d rather a faithful pet with me than most anyone else.

    • Me too. My cat has always had free accesss to my bedroom. He does know, though, when to back off and leave me alone. Gabriel is very active in the early hours. He backs off these days when I say no and plays with his toys instead.

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