Should You Sleep With Your Pet? Absolutely

A video from HuffPost Live.

Look….it goes without saying that where and when it is practical to do so, we should/could sleep with our pet but the cat or dog usually decides. That is my impression. You can’t carry your cat to you bed and plonk her on it hoping she’ll stay for hours. She might but she might not; she decides.

What does your spouse think about it? That is the big one. Does your human companion agree that your non-human companion can sleep with you in bed?

15 thoughts on “Should You Sleep With Your Pet? Absolutely”

  1. I agree with Kylee.. my beautiful little yorie..Betty Crocker, sleeps with me! She has her Two pillows beside me and i cover her up after I rub her stomach. and talk to her…Betty is like my own child.

  2. Any way they want it, that’s the way it is.
    Sometimes, my bed is packed and quiet; sometimes, there’s only a few and it’s a party.
    I never had a problem with my 2 husbands or any bedmate.
    Loving animals is a requirement for having anything to do with me. No compromises.


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