Should You Sleep With Your Pet? Absolutely

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Look….it goes without saying that where and when it is practical to do so, we should/could sleep with our pet but the cat or dog usually decides. That is my impression. You can’t carry your cat to you bed and plonk her on it hoping she’ll stay for hours. She might but she might not; she decides.

What does your spouse think about it? That is the big one. Does your human companion agree that your non-human companion can sleep with you in bed?

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15 thoughts on “Should You Sleep With Your Pet? Absolutely”

  1. I agree with Kylee.. my beautiful little yorie..Betty Crocker, sleeps with me! She has her Two pillows beside me and i cover her up after I rub her stomach. and talk to her…Betty is like my own child.

  2. Any way they want it, that’s the way it is.
    Sometimes, my bed is packed and quiet; sometimes, there’s only a few and it’s a party.
    I never had a problem with my 2 husbands or any bedmate.
    Loving animals is a requirement for having anything to do with me. No compromises.

  3. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

    Monty isn’t much for sleeping on our bed, but he’s done it once in awhile. He prefers to sleep in his own room in his little tent bed or under our bed in what I call “the blanket tunnel” where there is a little overhang of our waterbed and the blankets hang down there off the bed a little bit. I put a long pillow under there for him. Last night he spent some of the night in the basement and after it got cooler he came up and slept in his own room. He came out of there stretching and yawning a few minutes after I got up. It’s been hot here and we are trying not to use the AC if we don’t have to, so yesterday Monty and I were both uncomfortable. I think the heat was hard on him too, even though we spent quite a bit of time together in the basement. Monty is much more likely to come sleep under the covers with us when it is cold. Especially when it gets hot so that he sheds and then suddenly gets freezing cold again just as his winter coat is gone. This happens frequently in Wisconsin. I like it because Monty snuggles up for warmth.

      1. Ruth (Monty's Mom)

        Getting better all the time. Monty is doing well also. We are much more comfortable today as the weather cooled off. Yesterday I found a tick on me after bringing Monty in! I have been checking him thoroughly with my hands and with the flea comb and he remains tick and flea free. The tick had to come from our yard though, since it was in my hair, but not yet burrowed into my scalp. My vet would say Monty should be given medication to repel fleas and ticks, but I just don’t want that risk. After what happened to me recently I don’t exactly like medications anymore. And to treat a problem that right now does not even exist seems silly to me and a waste of money.

  4. It’s lovely to share the bed with warm, purring cats, and I love it when Walter climbs in under the covers and puts his head on the pillow opposite mine, sometimes nights are long and it’s such a comfort to have company. I’ve been blessed with double company lately when Jo has joined us, sometimes Walter isn’t suited if he pinches his favourite place on the bed but we muddle along. When John was alive he too was happy to share our bed with any cats who wished to join us and of course his beloved Popsy always slept as near to him as possible. Cats are cleaner than some people, I see no problems with sharing.

    1. It upsets me when some, people say cats are so dirty which i disagree with. They are the most cleanest as possible, they are forever washing themselves. I dont mind,where the cats are or where they sleep just as long as they comfortable and know they are loved.

  5. Well im prob not the best example. If the need ever happened. would just put the cat out the door, for a little while, and bring the cat or cats later on. Though i remember Cassy she always liked to be there at the same time. I guess for me its important to be with a cat person as then feel very accepted. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Not having a spouse I don’t have that problem lol and I love it when Jozef sleeps on my bed, especially if he comes under the duvet for a while, a purring bundle of soft fur. Lately for some reason he starts off on my bed but I wake up often in the wee small hours and he’s gone to join Babz and Walter. I wonder if it’s because I rarely read in bed now, too tired, but Babz always does or she can’t get to sleep.
    Anyway I think there’s nothing nicer than having the company of a much loved pet to sleep with.

    1. Exactly ruth cats are the best kind, wouldnt want it any other way. I mean its nice having someone special, but if they want me they got to accept my cats as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Well all our cats sleep on the bed or under blankets. Yes absolutely they are part of our life & its not a problem. When I was with my ex, it wasn’t a problem either as we both Cat People. They love cat cuddles & kisses, Cassy loved to sleep with Rob alot, now Tiger gets those special cuddles. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I got two Oval Beds with wool that, they all love might have to get another two.

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