I am an instant fan of Shraddha Kapoor. I had no idea who she was until about five minutes ago when I discovered some nice things about her. She posted to her Instagram account a very short video of a feral cat being rescued near her home. She has 51.9 million followers on her account. This is because she is a Bollywood actress and singer. Wikipedia tells me that she is one of the highest-paid actresses in India. She is 33 years of age and was born in Bombay, Maharashtra, India.

Shraddha Kapoor. Photos: Wikipedia. Collage: PoC.

She’s beautiful, talented, educated and intelligent and she loves animals and promotes animal welfare. That’s why I have become an instant fan of this woman. The website Republikworld.com brought her to my notice. They describe her concern about feral cats in her neighbourhood.

Below is the video I refer to. It shows a volunteer or employee from an organisation called World for All Animal Care teasing a frightened feral cat out of rubbish dump to enable them to administer medical attention to the animal.

The organisation which is based in Mumbai specialises in the rescue, sterilisation and adoptions of street dogs and cats. They responded to Shraddha Kapoor’s request for help. She thanks them on her Instagram page.

The stray cats around my home needed urgent medical attention and Narsing and Rahul from @worldforallanimaladoptions championed the aid! Thank you for handling them with so much love! Massive thank you @shazamorani for being so prompt in sending this help.

Her concern for the cat and the short video gives us an insight into what life is like in Mumbai, India. I sense that it is divided between the wealthy who live in pleasant neighbourhoods and big homes and those outside of those areas were not so lucky including the cats, community cats, who struggle to survive. There are far too many stray cats in Mumbai. There is no doubt that there needs to be a greater awareness of spaying and neutering and quality cat caregiving to limit the numbers. There is also a pressing need for more TNR.

General animal welfare

Shraddha Kapoor has also provided the commentary for a video about captive animals in zoos. She was asked to do this by a colleague and friend, Shaza Morani, who is also an animal lover and is also beautiful and intelligent. She, too, has an Instagram account and below her name are the words, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”.

Shraddha Kapoor has used the coronavirus pandemic lockdown to highlight the permanency of the lockdown that zoo animals suffer all their lives. She says that people feel anxious about being caged and confined to their homes during lockdown. And then asks how animals might feel if they have to do this all their lives. She reminds us that animals have feelings like humans and that those in captivity are separated from their natural habitats and loved ones (cubs stolen from their moms). She questions why we, humans, have the right to take away their freedom. Comment: people don’t have the right. We just do it because we have the power and authority to do it. It is a form of human arrogance and self indulgence.

Humans prefer to destroy the habitat in which these animals live in nature and as an alternative, where they can be managed and controlled, to place them in captivity as objects to be gawped at by voyeurs.

Postscript: please remember that the two videos on this page are embedded into it by a code. If the videos on the original page on Instagram disappear for whatever reason then they will disappear on this page as well. I have no control over that. If it happened I apologise.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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