Shy male tabby cat falls for pretty gray female and opens up

Domestic cats like and dislike other cats just like humans like and dislike humans.

Buddy and Hannah
Buddy (left) and Hannah. Photo by Jazmin Felder
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Buddy and Hannah

The story of Buddy and Hannah is a classic example of how domestic cats have preferences when it comes to other cats. The same also applies to domestic cats having preferences for certain types of people. They really do have their own tastes, dislikes and likes. We don’t fully understand how feline relationship chemistry works but then again we don’t really know how human chemistry works either.

In this story, Jazmin Felder, is the sort of person who takes in stray cats. She was raised that way. A rather fearful stray tabby cat who she called Buddy came down from a tree one day to live with her. He was grateful to be offered a safe home but he didn’t get on that well with the other cats. He kept himself to himself and appeared to be a loner.

Six months after Buddy’s arrival at the Felder home another abandoned cat turned up. Her name is Hannah. She was found abandoned under a neighbouring home. Whereas Buddy was quite reclusive and serious, Hannah is affectionate and outgoing and loves to be in contact with her human companion.

Changed character

Buddy opened up and warm to her. He wanted to be close to her. As soon as Hannah was brought into the home Buddy came to see her. His personality changed and now they are rarely apart. They frequently cuddle and groom each other. Buddy has proved to be a generous cat.

“Buddy will take food and give it to Hannah before he starts to eat himself. They enjoy batting cat toys back and forth, and seeing who can reach the top of the stairs first. We are sure Buddy lets Hannah win!” – Jazmin Felder.

The relationship has changed Buddy’s personality. He has become much more friendly and mixes in with the other four cats in the family. So, there you have it. Felder had a rather shy reclusive cat who fell for a sweet grey female cat and vice versa. Both is important to the other in making their lives interesting and enriched.

Adopting a new cat in a home where there is a resident cat

Jackson Galaxy says that if you can adopt two kittens from a rescue centre you should do so because it makes life easier for the cat owner. I agree but you have to make sure that they get along just like Buddy and Hannah. When they do it’s a great outcome. People who want to adopt several cats should read the story of Buddy and Hannah before adopting.

I don’t know whether cat rescue centres do this but they should. They should allow people to adopt a cat for a week or more with the option to return the cat if they are adding to a household where there is already a cat in residence. You can’t be sure of the outcome. Feline chemistry is a mystery but it appears that opposites attract.

Source: The Dodo.

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