Si and Am Siamese Cats

Si and Am (cool names) were Siamese cats in the Walt Disney classic film Lady and the Tramp, released in 1955. The film was based on an original idea by writer Ward Greene. The great, late Peggy Lee played the voices of Si and Am.

Lady and Tramp were the canine leads in the film, which concerns a pleasant family living in the suburbs of what looks like Pittsburg, USA. They live in a lovely home with a sweet cocker spaniel dog, Lady. Tramp, though, lives on the other side of the tracks as a mongrel. Their paths cross.

Si and Am Siamese cats are introduced into the film as the cat companions of Aunt Sarah who is invited to stay in the family home while Jim Dear (husband) and “Darling” (wife) go on a short vacation after a baby is born.

Si and Am Siamese cats cause mayhem. They claw curtains, play devious games with lady, who is trying to protect and save the goldfish and they overturn a vase.

Due to copyright reasons the actual film cannot be shown.

Aunt Sarah arrives on the scene to see the results of this destruction and blames sweet Lady.

As a result Sarah takes Lady to a pet shop for a muzzle. She is muzzled but Tramp manages to get it removed with the assistance of a beaver who chews off the strap.

The plot is involved but all ends well with Tramp having found a new family (he is licensed and collared something he had firmly rejected when a mongrel mutt). Sarah buys a present for Lady at Christmas; dog biscuits.

Peggy Lee co-wrote and sang the famous Siamese cat song that you hear in the video on this page.

Lady and the Tramp DVD

This is a new digitally restored version of this popular movie with a previously edited out sequence, “Turning the Tables” reintroduced. Listen to the popular Lady and the Tramp music on this DVD.

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