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Siamese and Persians are Better Pets than Moggies? — 3 Comments

  1. As with anything of financial value, which pedigree cats are, there’s a tendency to take better care of on all levels.

    These cats are usually socialized early on, and kept indoors. If they do exhibit a health issue, there’s usually funds to pay for treatment. Most breeders consider easy going temperment as a high value.

    All the Persian cats I’ve known were very mellow, and open to people. I haven’t been around Siamese much at all, except at a distance.

    As for purebred cats being fussy eaters, I might say that this behavior may come from the owners themselves, and may even be unconscious. Or do we imagine that the purebred cat’s digestive system is more “delicate” than the moggie’s?

    If you’re homeless, and a fussy eater, you will not survive. What causes a cat or dog to be a fussy eater? Do we think it’s inherited? Any ideas?

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