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Siamese cat adopts twin sister of deceased former caretaker — 3 Comments

  1. I’m delighted that Whisky thinks she has found her Mama again I found it so touching when she started calling after Lori entered the house and thats surely what Linda would have wanted for her baby to be loved.

  2. Perfect! I will have to get Lori to read this! Linda will rest well knowing both her sister Lori and much loved Whisky are caring for and comforting each other! Beautiful! Thank you Michael . I always knew that dogs would do this . Knowing cats do as well is something new , once again I have learned from you here at PoC!!!

    • Wow Jan – thanks for sharing. That’s very special. I’m most of all happy that Whisky doesn’t feel lonely. It’s just so nice that you and Lori love Whisky too.

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