Siamese cat adopts twin sister of deceased former caretaker

By Jan Plant

Siamese cat adopts twin sister of deceased owner
Siamese cat adopts twin sister of deceased owner
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Last month my dear friend and room mate passed away leaving behind her beloved Siamese kitty, Whisky, who Linda raised on a bottle.

Whisky is now almost 8 years old. Whisky has never been friendly towards anyone and has been known to attack and bite!!!

After Linda’s passing I was concerned for her. She had allowed myself and Linda’s daughter to pet her a very few rare times, but had taken to hiding and staying in her Mamma’s room .

I was just thinking of posting here and asking for some tips to help her. Linda’s TWIN sister finally came home yesterday from the nursing/rehab she had been in due to her illness.

Well as soon as Lori got settled and things quieted down, we heard Whisky calling. She came out of hiding, jumped up on the table, smelled all over Lori, rubbed all over her and settled into her arms!!!! Hooray!!!! Lori and I are quite relieved, and Whisky is back to her ol’ Siamese self!!!

Lori and I had already agreed that Whisky was going to stay here and have a home regardless but now that she has “adopted” Linda’s twin we are all much happier!

I wanted to share this because I for one believe that because they were twins they shared the same chemical make up being the same scent that Whisky responds to as her “Mama’s”.

Am I wrong? Regardless, just happy she is a happier and more contented kitty now.


Hi Jan, I hope you are well. You are completely right. Lori ticked all the boxes for a cat’s senses that guide the cat in recognising a person: body scent, appearance and voice. For Whisky it is as if Linda lives on. This is something that I love. It is a perfect outcome under difficult circumstances.

I think something similar happened to me when I adopted my deceased mother’s cat, Charlie. I probably had the same scent as her but a different voice and appearance. My scent was enough to make him feel at home. Scent is a powerful marker for a cat.

Thanks for posting and good luck to Whisky and Lori and may your best friend Linda rest in peace.

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3 thoughts on “Siamese cat adopts twin sister of deceased former caretaker”

  1. I’m delighted that Whisky thinks she has found her Mama again I found it so touching when she started calling after Lori entered the house and thats surely what Linda would have wanted for her baby to be loved.

  2. Perfect! I will have to get Lori to read this! Linda will rest well knowing both her sister Lori and much loved Whisky are caring for and comforting each other! Beautiful! Thank you Michael . I always knew that dogs would do this . Knowing cats do as well is something new , once again I have learned from you here at PoC!!!

    • Wow Jan – thanks for sharing. That’s very special. I’m most of all happy that Whisky doesn’t feel lonely. It’s just so nice that you and Lori love Whisky too.


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