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Siamese Cat Behavior Problems — 15 Comments

  1. Like every other breed of animal, you will always have ‘typical’ and non-typical. The traditional Siamese we’ve had were not that vocal unless they were on their way to the vet, were friendly, sometimes clingy, but truly appreciated. I avoid any cat with close bloodlines, having dealt with the problems that can cause.

      • Unlike dogs, who’ve been selectively bred for centuries to perform certain working duties, cats have been bred for looks over temperament.

        To me, much of the breed personality traits are little more than stereotyping, or are perhaps being used as a selling tool.

        • “Selling tool” hits the spot. The breeders have to market them and therefore have to distinguish one breed from another which is hard because they are a breed is made up of individuals.

          The breeders exaggerate the personality traits in the same way they try and exaggerate their appearance.

  2. Never had a true Siamese, but I possibly have had some Siamese as a part of the mixtured ones. And, my recollection is that even those mixes were vocal and could be considered demanding.

    I’ve actually, know quite a few people who had thought that they had long haired Siameses; in, reality, they were probably a Himalayan mix. I have one of these mixes now, and he is very quiet and unassuming. I have to seek him out to give him some loving.

    It’s said that a Himmie is a persian in Siamese drag. LOL!

    • Himmies are Persians and Persians are quiet and undemanding (in general) we are told so the personality you describe indicates a Himmie.

      One problem is that you can’t really ball together all the cats of one breed. They are individuals.

      • Not an exceptional picture of Scooter, but this is him. Pretty positive that he is part Himmie.
        He was so feral when I brought him in as kit that I called him “Spitfire” for quite a long time.

        • Certainly has a lot of Siamese in him. He is the sort of Siamese you see in Siam 😉 Thailand.

          He looks more Siamese than Himalayan to me because the Himalayan has quite long hair.

          It is strange to see a Siamese cat with a clipped ear indicating feral/stray.

          • Really?
            You see more Siamese than Himmie?
            I’ll try to get another pic, because he is really quite longhaired. Just gorgeous.
            And, yes, he has an eartip because he was feral.
            Incredibly feral.

              • Agree with you Michael. I see more of the beautiful, original Siamese than Himalayan. It’s Scooter’s head shape which made me instantly think Siamese. Love his coat colour.

                Dee: Before breeders changed the look of the Siamese into the current wedge shaped face, the original Balinese (longhaired Siamese) was similar to Scooter in looks.

              • Thank you Michele and Michael. I think that I drew the Himmie conclusion because he is completely silent and seclusive. Always has been since being somewhat (but not fully) domesticated, and he is 2 years old now.

              • No reply, Michael.
                But, I think that some of my silent cats are that way because I anticipate their every need. They never need to ask for anything.
                Do you suppose?

                • There is that because cats meow to ask as we know but I think there is more going on. Some cats are naturally quiet but some cats might have a voice but not use it for some reason. I am not sure at the moment. It may be linked to the early days in the life of the cat.

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