Siamese Cat Floated on Her Litter Tray To Safety

There have been devastating floods in parts of both the UK and USA. I recently wrote about the rescue of a cat from a flooded home in the North of England and today, in a video, we can see the rescue of a Siamese cat from a trailer home. The rescuers were able to pull the cat towards them because the cat was sitting in her litter tray perhaps for a sense of security and it floated! You can see this in the video.

The rescuers are part of the Disaster Response Team of the Humane Society of Missouri, USA. It is slightly unnerving looking at the video because you feel that at any moment the cat will lose her nerve and jump into the water endangering her life. That didn’t happen and she was safely placed into a carrier and I presume taking to dry land to be reunited with her caretaker, hopefully.

We’re not sure if this cat is a purebred Siamese cat but it doesn’t really matter. I sense that she is quite an elderly lady judging by her dark Siamese coat. When the circulation of blood near the skin is less good the skin is colder and when the skin is colder the fur is darker so older cats can sometimes have darker areas in the centre of the body resulting in a lower contrast between the points and the other areas.

2 thoughts on “Siamese Cat Floated on Her Litter Tray To Safety”

  1. Who says cats can’t survive? What a harrowing experience for this poor, wet soul, and yet, she was able to float until being rescued. Sweet.

    • I think cats are great survivors probably better than humans despite the world being more hostile for the cat in general. I hope that you have a great New Year, Gail.


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