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Siamese Cat Howled for Days And Would Not Eat after Her Sister Died — 8 Comments

  1. It seems obvious that animals have emotions. If cats and dogs can feel jealously, then why not other emotions? Jealousy is triggered by fear, anxiety, or concern of anticipated loss, so why would an animal not feel grief over the actual loss of an animal or human companion? I believe that animals can feel a full range of emotions, and many times it can be seen in their eyes, and the resulting behavior as shown in these posts.

    We know that dogs especially feel “separation anxiety”, which can lead to severe behavior issues. I imagine cats may feel that too, but maybe not as much since they’re more independent in general.

    • I have the same thoughts as you, Sandy. I also believe that enlightened and knowledgeable cat guardians/caretakers are probably better at assessing whether cats have certain emotions than scientists.

  2. I have whitnessed how cats grieve after my cat tiger died .i adopted 2 cats from an animal shelter in 1996..the two cats were lilittermates who were very close..in 2013 tiger died from cancer and his brother “puffy” would not eat for two weeks after tiger died…you can read the whole story and look at their pictures from my post dated april 5 2013 and titled “puffy–the cat who chose me..Here is the link:


  3. People who say that cats don’t grieve clearly don’t know what they are talking about. Angel and Ruby looked for Rocky for weeks after he died. They meowed loudly, they insisted that I open closets to see if he was inside. When I brought Coyote’s body home from the vet his little sister Maya came over to look at him. When she realized he was dead her eyes widened and she became upset. That day she meowed just like the Siamese cat in the article did. Bandit couldn’t understand why my father was gone and he sat there for days staring at Dad’s empty easy chair. He even slept in that spot, apparently hoping that my father would be there when he woke up. My father died 20 years ago. Cats grieve not only for their animal companions but also for their human companions too.

    A month ago I left a comment on a writer’s blog after I saw her post and other comments in which she stated that killing a dog is the absolute worst thing a writer could have a character do. She went on and on about how wonderful dogs are and that they grieve, unlike cats. Naturally I left the above comment. She then backtracked and claimed she meant to say that killing all animals is wrong. Oh sure. I believe that. Just like I believe in the Easter Bunny. I wish people would think before they hit “Post.” It’s sad when even so-called educated people believe that ‘cats don’t grieve’ rubbish.

  4. These so called experts who say animals dont grieve give me a sounding headache,my Riley even almost 2 months later is still looking for Mystery,he got really upset when I removed the huge kennel Mystery stayed in at night due to his urinary incontinence and still today will lay where I once kept the kennel :O(

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