Siamese Cat Inside The Carpet

by Fasseh Yunus
(Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan)

siamese inside carpet

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siamese inside carpet

Hey, my cat used to go and sleep in our carpet.

Admin: Hi, Fasseh, It is great to receive a contribution from Pakistan. I have been to Pakistan in the early 1970s, and my girlfriend was in Lahore in the late '80s (she remembers the Shalimar Gardens).

I love your photo. It is so unusual. How does your Siamese cat sleep unright!? And please tell me if the Siamese cat is popular in Pakistan. Are purebred cats rare in Pakistan? This is a great picture.

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Siamese Cat Inside The Carpet

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Mar 10, 2009 Hilarious!
by: Dave

Wow, that is too funny!

Rug Rag

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