Siamese cat loves his cat stroller (video)

Siamese cat loves his cat stroller
Siamese cat loves his cat stroller. This is a screenshot from the video.
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Indoor cats can benefit from a good cat stroller. This video might change your mind. I have one and it works well. The manufacturer of mine is the same as for the stroller in the video.They are good value for money (I don’t get commission).

Although my cat is no longer an indoor cat. I take him to places he can’t get to. He can have new experiences he would not normally have and all safely. This Siamese cat clearly associates the cat stroller with pleasure. The confinement in the stroller is not an issue as they are distracted by the sounds, smells and visuals bombarding them from outside. The best aspect of this cat product is that it stimulates the minds of indoor cats. This is the biggest challenge for cat owners of indoor cats.

They are confined for their safety, which is good. They can expand horizons in the same kind of safety in a cat stroller. Years ago before I bought one I asked if they are an embarrassment. I have discovered that they are not. They are good for meeting people though. They are quite rare in all countries. People who pass by are interested if they realise that the “pram” contains a cat and not a baby. However, ninety-percent of people see a baby and never realise that a cat is in there. True. People are programmed like that.

For the sake of completeness, the cat is on original style variant of this cat breed. There are many types of Siamese. You can read about them by clicking on this link.


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