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Rescued Flame Pointed Siamese – Photo by Tapir Girl (Flickr)


lt is nice to see that people search for Siamese cat rescue on the internet. The demand for rescue centers is quite high but less than the demand for breeders I suspect.

It is likely that Siamese cat rescue centers/organizations are going to be dealing with Siamese cats that are not necessarily purebred. Or they may be purebred but lack a history (a pedigree) so you want know if they are or are not purebred. But who cares? Unless you are specifically looking for a purebred, you won’t care.

Siamese cat breeders most often breed the rangy Modern Siamese and the public prefer as far as I can see, the Traditional Siamese.  I’d check over the difference carefully  before adopting. The history of the Siamese is interesting as it may help you come to a decision on which type of Siamese to adopt. It seems to me that you are far more likely to see Traditional Siamese in rescue centers so that’s the place to look.

Here is a list of rescue operations with links to their website and links to Google maps (where appropriate) so you can quickly see where they are. You’ll need to know as most don’t ship cats for rehoming. Most will operate quite strict selection criteria so you’ll have to be right! As I have had to check out each rescue organization I have only listed those with websites as this is the only efficient way to make an assessment. Nearly all have websites.

 Rescue operationLocationDescription and Comments
The Siamese Cat Club Welfare TrustUKThis charity heads the Google list. They are a registered charity. The site is updated regularly. This is important as sometimes it can be difficult to tell if there are cats available for adoption at any one time.  They operate a nice scheme where a person can adopt a cat for one year. These cats for one reason or another cannot be rehomed and they stay with the welfare officers.  You can become a friend of the Trust by contributing £25 per annum. This is a worthy cause and the amount is modest. This is the premier Siamese cat rescue service in the UK on the basis of an internet search.
The Siamese Cat Society of Scotland – the link to this site is broken Dec 2012.ScotlandThis is a well established Siamese Cat Club with a Welfare and Rescue division.
Siamese Cat RescueUSA
(****recommended) This is a highly active and large Siamese Cat Rescue organization made up of several groups or divisions based on their location. The link on the left is to the home page of the website. 

They have centers/groups based in Virginia (center located in Locust Dale), Texas, Rocky MountainsSouth California and Pacific – north Calif. Each one is separate and run individually but they are linked by their website and in a common coordinated cause. As they allow transportation of their cats by plane they operate nationwide. Well, to be more accurate, the Texas center does this. I’ll leave it to you to find out about the other centers. They have rescued a very large number of Siamese cats. They might be the biggest rescue group. They certainly operate on a different scale to UK rescue operations. This must be the first and perhaps last stop for those looking to adopt a Siamese cat. They also rehome mixed breed cats and other purebred cats as far as I can see. The criteria is to help cats in need. 

Atlanta Persian & Siamese RescueUSAFounded in 2002. I have also listed this organization under Persian cat rescue. They appear to be based at Hiram, Atlanta.
New York City Siamese RescueUSAObviously based in and serving New York, this Siamese cat rescue website looks “Live” and active but I have not tested it.
The Siamese Cat ClubUKAs the title suggests this is a club but clubs are concerned with the welfare of cats as well as promoting the breed concerned and this club is no different. I’d check this out if your looking for a Siamese cat rescue. It may may not produce a result but you may get some leads.
The Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire – link broken 2012UKThe title gives away it’s age. It was founded in 1928. It does not look that active! However, the clubs’ Welfare Officer is Mrs Y Marriott (as at 2008) and this may be worth a visit. They may be able to direct you to a Siamese cat in need of a new home.
Speciality Purebred RescueUSAThis is a well known purebred rescue operation that I have listed elsewhere on this site. Their cats are fostered by volunteers (i.e. not in a specialist facility in a single location). The locations where the cats are:- The foster homes are located in northern Illinois, Kenosha, Racine, Burlington, Milwaukee, Madison and Oshkosh. Of course they are not specialist Siamese cat rescue.
Yahoo Groups – search resultsUSAThis is one of the best routes to adopting a Siamese Cat. Although Yahoo Groups are not in theory restricted to one country or location, this group was formerly run by the CFA so it is likely to be for those searching in the USA. You’ll need to join Yahoo(easy) and then join the group (easy too). Sometimes the group administrators reject people though! The link left takes you to this groups opening page. This can be a useful way to explore Siamese cat rescue.
Siamese Rescue MetroUSAServing these areas: New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York (part) and Virginia (part), Pennsylvania, DC Metro area
PetfinderUSAPetfinder are big and they provide a listing service to many rescue centers that I have not listed on this page as you can find them through Petfinder.
Cat Purebred RescueUSAServicing “greater Puget Sound area of Washington State” (Google couldn’t find this, sorry)
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