by Rose
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)

For the past 20 years I have owned Siamese,and have also bred two litters just to have the pick of the litters. I am Siamese through and through. I understand there are three types, Traditional, Classic and Modern.

I like Traditional and Classic. I find Modern too extreme, very thin and bat ears, and long face, but each to their own.

I am saddened that there is always this controversy among the Siamese lovers. Why not have official papers for the three specific groups. This makes sense.

The reason the Modern is popular right now is the fact that it is something new and dramatic, so it catches “the buyer’s eye” and that is what it’s all about, selling cats and making money.

The show cats are the Moderns, that is what the judges want, something new and different, and saleable for new buyers. The more moderns that are sold, the more there will be produced.

Balance is a good thing in life, and I find the Classic to represent balance. It has a bit of the applehead traditional and a bit of the modern look, nothing too extreme. Pretty.

The Siamese cat has always had a label as being a mean cat, nothing could be further from the truth. But, I will say, those unscrupulous breeders who cross breed and interbreed to get the extreme look are also responsible for producing cats with bad tempers. What can one expect when they interbreed! Very bad practice.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the three types, we all agree how we love those Siamese with their special traits and their beauty. They certainly are a Royal breed.


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Mar 05, 2012
Agreed NEW
by: Michael

I agree with what you say. I prefer traditional but we both don’t like the extreme. It surprises me that the CFA sees the modern, extreme Siamese as the recognised type. Not only does it look strange, the overbreeding causes health problems.

Incidentally, my black moggie rescue cat has some Siamese in him. He is very vocal and has a strong voice and his face is long. He is handome and smart. Siamese are smart.

Thanks for visiting and sharing, Rose.

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