Siberian Cat Picture – Darius

This is a photograph of an award winning Siberian cat which should impress you and it may well encourage you to adopt a Siberian cat if you are in the market for adopting a purebred cat. This breed is one of my favourites. It is the stocky, robust, long haired appearance and solid features which appeals to me.

Siberian cat Darius
Siberian cat Darius. Photo copyright Helmi Flick.
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These cats look very natural and original; not overly selectively breed, just refined a bit over the many years that this breed has been part of the cat fancy.

The photograph was taken by Helmi Flick, one of the world’s top cat photographers. The photofinishing and presentation of the photograph is by her husband Ken Flick.

I am sure Darius has won numerous awards. He is listed as a 2009 Southeast Regional Ward Winner. I suspect the photo is around 5 years old but it is a great photo nonetheless.

As I understand it, as Darius’s full name is RW SGC Prekrasne Darius of Mystic Melody, he was bred by an Arizona cattery: PREKRASNE SIBERIAN CATS.

As expected Prekrasne Siberian Cats started off with a couple of Russian bred Siberians. In my limited experience, Russians are very skilled cat breeders. They do create some amazing cats.

The owner of this cattery, Sue, has been breeding Siberians since 2006. She has a vast amount of experience. I’d trust what she says about this cat’s personality. She says that they have a dog-like personality with the sensible warning that cats have individual characters so don’t expect robot cats of one breed with identical characters.

It is interesting that Sue states that this breed is more active than “some others”. They are also inquisitive (but this might describe most domestic cats). Sue suggests that if you are looking for a placid ornamental cat the Siberian is probably the wrong choice. She even recommends that you adopt two cats “to keep each other entertained”. In principle I agree with that but you’ll have to make sure the cats get along well. Even sibling cats can end up arguing and falling out when adults. The cat selection process has got to be spot on I think.

As for size, perhaps people have a slightly incorrect perception in this regard. Average males weigh 12-18 pounds while females are from 7-12 pounds. This is heavier than average but not very large i.e. 20 pounds as is stated by some websites.

Sue does not mention the alleged hypoallergenic properties of the Siberian cat’s saliva. Some breeders have claimed that this breed is hypoallergenic. I have written that this is not supported by science and is not true as far as I can tell. The fact that this well-established breed does not refer to hypoallergenic qualities also supports this falsehood. But if anyone has an alternative view (supported by science) please air it below.

A nice touch is that Sue insists through her contract with buyers that purchased cats are not declawed. She rightly states that declawing is “brutal, cruel and done for convenience sake”. Well said. That tells me that Sue sets standards which should come through in her cats. And she focuses on health. Great appearance without health is pointless.

My thanks to Sue and Helmi and husband. Click on this link to visit Prekrasne Siberian Cats.

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