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Siberian Cat Plays With Fox — 8 Comments

  1. What a beautiful cat! I really would love to see some video of him. I agree, he has the optimal cat life in my opinion. He is the king of his jungle. Has friends to play with and he is making a difference for the humans he serves. Wow, I like that cat a lot. Such gorgeous colored eyes.

  2. What a lovely natural life for Syoma!
    Too many cats miss out on any pleasures of outdoor life, seeing that cat playing with the fox is wonderful.

      • I usually say “It’s like New Zealand, but in Russia” 🙂 Volcanoes, hot springs, earthquakes, beautiful nature. The difference to NZ is that life is difficult in Kamchatka as it’s a remote place from the mainland (or it was like that when I was there last time).

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