Siberian Cat Plays With Fox

Another slice of Siberian cat life, this time from the Far East.  The cat’s name is “Syoma”. He is an all-white cat with copper eyes and a dense short double coat.

His work is to keep the rodent population down around the houses at the entrance to the Kronotsky Nature Reserve on the Kamchatka peninsula.

No doubt, his play varies. One passtime is to play with a fox.

Siberian cat chases fox
Photo: Sergei Krasnoschekov
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siberian cat plays with fox
Photo: Sergei Krasnoschekov

I think this is a good way of life for a cat provided there is decent veterinary care within reasonable distance. I may be old-fashioned. I don’t know. It seems to be more natural. For a cat, it is way of life that is not too removed from the original.

It looks safe provided there are no predators that could kill a domestic cat. The biggest killer of cats, the automobile, does not seem to be a problem in this neck of the woods.

It would be interesting to know what he is given for food. If he is given cat food I would have thought it was not off-the-shelf from a supermarket. He may find all his food, on his own, in the course of his duties.

Here’s a map which shows the approximate place where Syoma lives.

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8 thoughts on “Siberian Cat Plays With Fox”

  1. What a beautiful cat! I really would love to see some video of him. I agree, he has the optimal cat life in my opinion. He is the king of his jungle. Has friends to play with and he is making a difference for the humans he serves. Wow, I like that cat a lot. Such gorgeous colored eyes.

  2. What a lovely natural life for Syoma!
    Too many cats miss out on any pleasures of outdoor life, seeing that cat playing with the fox is wonderful.

      • I usually say “It’s like New Zealand, but in Russia” 🙂 Volcanoes, hot springs, earthquakes, beautiful nature. The difference to NZ is that life is difficult in Kamchatka as it’s a remote place from the mainland (or it was like that when I was there last time).


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