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siberian catsiberian catsiberian cat
Neva Masquerade (pointed Siberian cat) photos, copyright Dani Rozeboom- click on the thumbnails to see some great large format pictures – you’ll love these. The Neva Masquerade is the pointed Siberian cat. The cat’s name is Hime Amélie du Palais d’Hiver
siberian catsiberian catsiberian cat
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Note: “Neva” is a reference to the river where the Siberian is said to have originated and “Masquerade” for the mask on the face4.

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Siberian cat

Hime Amélie du Palais d’Hiver – “Amélie” – Siberian cat – photo copyright Dani Rozeboom – click for large photo.

As mentioned, the breed originates in Russia, where it is or was as ordinary and ubiquitous as the “moggie” random bred cat, found around the world. But this cat has a very long history indeed, going back perhaps 1000 years (the Japanese Bobtail has a 1000-year history too). The story goes that they lived in monasteries and acted as guards. The monks in return treated them as pets. This mirrors, somewhat, the Birman cat.

This cat breed was exported to the United States on June 28th 19901 to be owned by Elizabeth Terrell of Starpoint Cattery of Baton Rouge, LA. According to Kathy Wade (a breeder based in America, Croshka Siberians) there was an exchange of breeds between the Russians and the Americans arranged by Elizabeth Terrell who was an Himalayan cat (pointed Persian) breeder. The Russians got the Himalayan and the Yanks got a Siberian. I can see why there was a formal exchange of breeds. In 1990 the communist party was still (just, it seems) in charge in the USSR (as it was then). The break-up of the communist party took place in about 1991. There were heavy restrictions and bureaucracy in those days on anything leaving the country. Also, at this time a certain David Boehm also imported Siberian cats from the USSR to the US.

The breed was registered by the CFA in 2000 (very recently in cat history terms). The Siberian looks a little like the Maine Coon, medium/long hair (for protection against the Siberian weather) and a “distinguished” and classic cat face. There is a third cat, the Norwegian Forest cat that has a similar appearance. The Siberian may the ancestor of all three.

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  1. I also would like to add – sorry I missed this info above, just so excited when writing the post. My Girlfriend bought 2 pure breed Siberian Females as her husband and daughter have horrendous allergies, like myself. After the initial few weeks of discomfort,as I felt, but it wasn’t bad, they are 100% fine. I have heard that the Females are even better than the Males for allergies. I want to add that MAVERICK (so far) Does not seem to shed!?!?! No fur or hairs are on anything! I do brush him a few times a week, but not much comes out on the brush either. How Purfect can this cat be? Some breeders will send out fur samples. The breeder I went to did not allow me to rub with more than one cat for health reasons.She did give me a 2 week window for a refund if my allergies were bad . If you have allergies at least go and visit a Siberian, rub your face on him or her. I fully believe that you can have this breed of cat!!!! 🙂

  2. MAVERICK is only 6 1/2 months old. He is incredible and worth every penny we paid! He is black and silver with incredible markings.I could no longer have a cat due to my increasing allergies but with MAVERICK I can rub my face in his fur, kiss him, my lips dont swell, my eyes don’t itch I don’t sneeze or need to run for my inhalers. He goes toward LOUD things such as 10 and 11 year old boys playing in the basement. He greets each new person or animal into our home. He is fearless. He popped a balloon and simply sat there looking at the space. Kids play the drums, he runs to hang out with them, whereas most cats would hide. He EATS like he has never seen food before. He owns every counter top and pillow and couch in the house. He is always with us sometimes on our lap sometimes attacking our feet. He loves to lay high up on his scratching post. He has a deep triple kind of purr. We bring him in the car and he loves it. I plan on getting a harness and maybe taking him hiking with us. He is an indoor cat as it is safer for him and all the wildlife. I can’t wait to see what he grows into. This is indeed a dog cat. With a massive personality which seems very true to his breed. We will most likely get another one!


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