Sick man bludgeons kitten to death outside Humane Society doors

What is this? Is this some sort of sick protest by a sick nutcase? It looks to me as if this crazy man had an agenda and the agenda was to make a statement. I think that the statement he wanted to make was that he was upset that the Humane Society was shut when he arrived so he couldn’t deliver the kitten to them which led to him beating the kitten to death with a piece of wood. Then he decapitated the kitten. The whole event was videoed on security cameras which is why he was caught. I think the police got his car registration number.

Sick cat cruelty in Mississippi outside the doors of an animal shelter

This happened in Mississippi and the shelter concerned is the Natchez-Adams County Humane Society. We are told by a Mississippi news source online that a surveillance camera outside the Humane Society doors picked up video of a vehicle registered to John Sean Swoveland, 54, being driven up to the premises.

The man got out of his vehicle and went to the front door of the building where he appeared to read the business hours. He then returned to his vehicle and pulled it to one side of the driveway.

He then left his vehicle again with a piece of 2 x 4 wood, walked to the passenger side of his vehicle and started to beat something on the ground next to the vehicle which we now know was a kitten.

Comment: as mentioned, this looked like he had read the business hours, noted that the building was shut and therefore decided to dispose of his kitten in a different way which was horrendously cruel and the behaviour of someone who makes me extremely angry – hence my language in the opening paragraph.

Staff at the Humane Society saw the kitten’s body the next morning and called the police

Adams County Sheriff’s office spokesperson Lt. Cal Green, said that the man has been arraigned for a misdemeanour charge of aggravated animal cruelty to animals on Thursday and has been released on a cash bond of US$2000.

Comment: how can this be a misdemeanour, a minor crime?

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