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Sick photo shows trophy hunting couple kiss over corpse of magnificent lion they killed

Darren and Carolyn Carter are seen kissing over the corpse of a captive lion they killed in a morbid photo

Words are not needed to express my disgust at this couple of trophy hunters. They just don’t care. There is a complete lack of sensitivity towards the feelings of animals and conservation. Super self-indulgent, arrogant humans at their worst.

The couple describe themselves as passionate conservationists! Laugh. They booked the trophy hunting safari with Legelela Safaris who posted this picture on their Facebook page with the following caption: ‘Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun…well done. A monster lion’.

“It looks as though this lion was a tame animal killed in an enclosure, bred for the sole purpose of being the subject of a smug selfie” – Eduardo Goncalves Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting

In other words this was canned lion hunting, one of the most objectionable forms of animal cruelty in the world. The Carters are from Alberta, Canada. They refused to comment on their trophy hunting.


Britain still allows the importation of animal trophies which is a stain on the nation. So much for being animal lovers. The Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, is too concerned about commerce and not enough about the environment. However in The Times today is was stated that he is looking into banning trophy hunt imports. He shouldn’t be thinking about it, he should be doing it.

Apparently the UK still plays a role in canned lion hunts. I don’t know what that role is but Gove is looking into that too. Big deal.

“I find it hard to see how those justifications can be used to defend those who hunt animals who have been bred in captivity for the specific purposes of dying for others’ entertainment.”

Yes, correct Mr Gove but that’s not going far enough. Just stop it across the board.

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Michael Broad

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