Sight of bloody, injured cat was not what it seemed

This is a happy cat story, I am pleased to write. When you look at the picture below (from username ‘Honeyflowers on Imgur) what you immediately think?

misleading photo of injured cat

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It looks gruesome, right? You’d have to go and help even though it would be unpleasant. You’d expect to meet up with a stray cat in need of urgent medical help if he was still alive.

But as it happens it would have been a very pleasant meeting with a red tabby and white cat having a snooze in a car park area. By chance he had selected a spot where there was red paint splattered on the ground!

misleading photo of injured cat

How about that? Hang on, is that red paint, I ask myself? I have some doubts now ; ) .

Source: Kind Stranger Ran to the Rescue of……

7 thoughts on “Sight of bloody, injured cat was not what it seemed”

  1. The color doesn’t look like blood to me, but it would certainly get my attention. There is a site for photos taken “at the right time”, but I’m not recalling the exact name of it now.

  2. Haha Michael-
    Tricky illusion here, but he seems alright. I notice a broken spoon beside him. Maybe his way of laying out the ground rules I’m not hurt but I’m Hungry ? he tried to speak , but all that came out was Meow *


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