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  1. Bruce sighs… the Christian Biblical idea of the “End Times” must truly be nigh. We now put the “Mark of the Beast” on our beasts!!!

    And I thought we were is deep trouble when we started putting Radio Frequency Identification “chips” (RFID) under Grandma and Grandpa’s skin to help find them when they wandered off from the Old Folk’s Home, under the skin of our children to make sure they were in the classroom, and in our wallets and purses – in our credit and debit cards – so we could buy and sell in the marketplace.

    My, oh my.

    A small, yet not unimportant fact: the majority of these tracking chips are manufactured not far from me in South Dakota, USA, by a manufacturer that brazenly touts it’s origins and intent: a company named “Alien Technology”.

    Sure, our primitive “Smartphone” might be able to find Fluffy from up to 500 feet (150 Meters) away, but it takes but little stretch of the imagination to realize an alien technology can likely find dear Fluffy anywhere on this small blue marble in space we call “Earth”.

    The idea that they have insidiously targeted our dear Fluffy for scrutiny and advanced tracking leads me to likely confirm what I have always suspected:

    Kats are Keepers of the Universe!

    “Come the revolution…” as dear Michael might say, our kats might be our only allies and staunchest defenders. The knowledge they own is truly unique and innate, “instinctive” is how we generally refer to it.

    If “thinking outside the box” is what it might take to defend and save humanity, trust me: the Revolution has begun! Right here in my own home, on the kitchen floor, this very morning!

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