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Significant Falls in the Number of Cats Rescued by the RSPCA — 4 Comments

  1. Public apathy has a lot to do with these statistics. The rescue efforts may be lax because not enough people give a darn about what happens to animals. Cats in particular seem to rank on the lower end of the totem pole.

    So may are uninformed and assume that all cats are basically self sufficient. I have rescued over 30+ cats in my neighborhood [ and these were just the strays who entered my yard. Far too many felines have had to be ‘Euthanized’ in shelters ; waiting for a good home and a loving heart to find them.

    Eva- our local pound will not even answer a call on a stray cat or kittens anymore. so sad.

  2. Sorry, but my opinion is that Parliament or any government anywhere needs to just shut up.
    RSPA, ASPA, HSUS need to produce statistics, publicly, that show their rescue statistics.
    I, further want to know, in detail, what their efforts are in detail.
    If they want to solicit donations, the public needs to have complete disclosure.

    • I agree except I think a spokesperson in government for animals is a good idea. The RSPCA do apparently disclose figures because we are able to see that they are doing less rescuing at the moment.

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