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Signs Of Feline Leukemia — 14 Comments

  1. Has anyone heard of RetroMAD1 in Malaysia, or Interferon Omega for treating cats with feline leukemia? I’m presently treating my cat and kittens with LTCI, which is helping.

      • Hi. My cat got some viral infection. And now the doctors are giving him RetroMAD1. They only started today. Have you hear anything about this medication?
        Thank you so much

        • Christina where are you located? I had to tell my Vet about RetroMAD1 and while he was EXTREMELY skeptical that such a FeLV drug existed he let me order it to his office. In the words of my Vet my kitten had at most, 10 days to live. My Vet is a great guy who loves animals but it sure was great watching him eat crow as my kitten is now a healthy full grown cat. She has yet to test negative for FeLV but the virus is slowly being killed off by the RetroMAD1 and she is symptom free. She might have even been one of the worst case kittens to be treated with RetroMAD1. The fact that she made it past the 10 day death sentence and is living a normal life a year and two months later is all the proof my Veterinarian needs to retract his statement and say “You were right this stuff works, i’m more than amazed”

            • I too live in the USA and can contest to this wonder drug RetroMAD1. I have a 3 year old FeLV cat who just started RetroMad1 three days ago. I have experienced the same amazing positive results! My cat has lots more energy, appetite has increased, and sleeping less since on the drug. Christina, just curious if your cat is still doing well? Have you had to administer more RetroMAD1 since the fist initial treatment? I’m curious how long they remain symptom free. Thank you!

  2. The photo that you are showing of the cat’s eye is what drew me to this site. My cat has cancer of the kidneys, and began chemo two weeks ago.

    Just yesterday, we noticed a spot on his eye that looks just like the above photo. Can you tell me more about this condition? Is it tied to the cancer, or bleeding in the eye? Any information you can share would be much appreciated. We are in the midst of another snowstorm, and cannot get him out to the vet today.

  3. my 6month old cat developed some lumps in his neck and leg I took him to the vets they told me his got cancer I had to have put down I only had him 4months I want to know how did he got it and how long was it in his body I miss him so much he was the sunshine of my life

    • Hi Jamilla, thanks for visiting. I think you’ll find that we don’t fully understand cancer yet either in animals or humans so we don’t know how it starts except to say cancer in cats is at least partly related to feline leukaemia and FIV. Feline leukemia virus accounts for about 50% of all internal cancers in cats.

      It was probably present for quite a while to develop into lumps. Very sorry to hear of your loss.

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