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Silly Young Man Hated And Attacked By His Cat — 8 Comments

  1. Again – I can’t watch it – but it sounds typically awful. I’m just not able to watch people pissing cats off – or hurting them.

  2. i dont want to watch it as i know it will upset me. ive read what everyone has said but just for my mental health just cant watch it sorry.

  3. This person, if you can call him that, deserves everything and more that Bon Jovi gives him. He doesn’t deserve this cat, and nedds the effing shit kicked out of him for being such an ass. . .(excuse the language — I could have done a lot worse — this shit just pisses me off. . .

  4. Stupid cruel idiot! When the poor cat starts attacking before being attacked he/she will get the blame and be called an aggressive cat.
    That immature show off should never be allowed within a mile of any cat for the rest of his pathetic life.

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