Silly Young Man Hated And Attacked By His Cat

The other title is: “Strained Relationship Between Man and Cat” (understatement). I dislike this video because this young bloke is really exploiting his cat by provoking his cat to attack him and at the same time videoing it to create a sensationalist sort of video which catches the eye.

It’s a hip sort of video and fun sort of video if you’re that way inclined (think young, male YouTube audience with 2 brain cells). I am not that way inclined at all because I like to see a contented cat in a loving relationship and, sadly, I don’t see either in this instance.

The video highlights the dividing line between good and bad taste in respect of cat videos. As far as I’m concerned this is an example of bad taste. It’s actually worse than that because we have a stressed cat. That stress has come about because of constant low and high-level provocation and irritation making the cat’s environment uncomfortable and putting the cat on edge.

Good cat guardianship involves the exact opposite; creating a warm, friendly environment in which the cat feels content and stimulated.

I actually wonder how many times this guy tried to make the video through provoking his cat. My guess is that he tried several times and in doing so gradually wound up his cat to the point where you get the result that you see.

8 thoughts on “Silly Young Man Hated And Attacked By His Cat”

  1. Again – I can’t watch it – but it sounds typically awful. I’m just not able to watch people pissing cats off – or hurting them.

  2. i dont want to watch it as i know it will upset me. ive read what everyone has said but just for my mental health just cant watch it sorry.

  3. This person, if you can call him that, deserves everything and more that Bon Jovi gives him. He doesn’t deserve this cat, and nedds the effing shit kicked out of him for being such an ass. . .(excuse the language — I could have done a lot worse — this shit just pisses me off. . .

  4. Stupid cruel idiot! When the poor cat starts attacking before being attacked he/she will get the blame and be called an aggressive cat.
    That immature show off should never be allowed within a mile of any cat for the rest of his pathetic life.


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