Silver Classic Tabby and White Maine Coon Kittens

This page is absolutely about Helmi Flick. She does the most fantastic composite photographs. And here is one of her fine photographs. There are many stunning Helmi Flick photographs, believe me.  We forget that Helmi is not only a very fine cat photographer but she is also very accomplished on the computer when it comes to creating composite images. Of course, the photograph would not be possible without these fabulous silver classic tabby and white Maine Coons. I love these cats. By the way, the cats live with an old customer and friend of Helmi’s who brought over five 10-week old kittens….

You can see her Maine Coon cat breed page on her Blogger site here:

Helmi Flick’s blog – Maine Coon Cats

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composite of maine coon cats

Helmi says, “I composited the group shot with (left to right) 2 kittens, then 2 kittens, then five kittens, and finally, a two kitten”. The image was created deliberately as, “We needed some kittens to “stand” on a title, Cats on Blue“.

Thanks Helmi. The cat world salutes a truly professional cat photographer.

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Silver Classic Tabby and White Maine Coon Kittens to Maine Coon Cats

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