Simon’s Cat Video: An Affectionate Homage to Michael Broad and his Cat Charlie

I am generally mild-mannered, polite and easy going. I enjoy writing about cats and get a great deal of pleasure interacting with like-minded people.

Cat at computer
Photo credit: Flickr User Ivancort – this is not Charlie and it is not Michael’s computer! But see below..
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This said, I gotta admit that there are those times when I run across an item pertaining to cats which may amuse kitty lovers I find so delightful and humorous, that it’s almost impossible for me to control the side of me I consider somewhat ?devilish? and perhaps a bit mischievous.

It seems lately that when something that truly tickles my funny bone, compelling me to just go with the flow while writing about it, out of nowhere, all of a sudden my overly stern, fastidious inner “critic” screams at me to stop; putting a kibosh on my inner “prankster’s” creativity. I then find myself locked in a tug-of war between my better judgment and playful side. To say the least this can be extremely frustrating.

But the other day when my husband Marty called me into his office to watch a Simon’s Cat cartoon that I somehow had missed, I had one of those light bulb moments which was so intense that I told my inner-critic to go take a hike.

However, I feel compelled to preface this blog by saying that I write it with a great deal of admiration, respect and love for Michael Broad, one of the most remarkable feline bloggers and web designers in cyber-space.

For some unknown reason, the moment the video started playing, there was Simon’s cat doing everything possible he could to “help” Simon by interrupting him from working on his computer suddenly it wasn’t Simon at the computer. He morphed into Michael who was typing away, pouring his heart out to write one of his fascinating articles for Pictures of Cats.

I instantly got to wondering if Michael’s cat Charlie has ever used the similar techniques that Simon’s cat uses to help by distracting Michael from his creative work. When Simon’s cat was prancing away on the keyboard, chasing the pointing device and pulling out the power cord when vying for his guardian?s undivided attention, I thought that these antics must be extremely disconcerting. I felt compassion for Simon, who obviously was becoming increasingly puzzled and dismayed by his kitty’s behavior; interrupting his creative juices. I began speculating about how Michael might feel and react if Charlie ever acted similarly.

But speculation is just that; it is utmost fantasy! But from what I know about Michael, and his passion for writing, I bet he would just take a few minutes to compose himself, pat Charlie on the head, plug in the power cord and continue typing away!

So, without further ado- here is the video ?Cat & Mouse?, uploaded to YouTube by Simon’s Cat.

I wonder if anyone else thought of Michael while watching the video.? Am I alone? Please tell me in a comment.


Response from Michael

I feel I have to respond. I didn’t know that Jo was going to write this but I always publish her articles verbatim with the occasional small adjustment so this article is as written.

Charlie does not interfere with my work while I’m at my desk. I work in three places: at my desk, in bed and in the garden. The router allows me to work online in the garden.

Charlie my cat waits to be petted and fed
Charlie my cat waits to be petted and fed – iPhone photo.

The only time Charlie gets involved with my “work” (hobby) is when I’m working in bed. He waits on my legs as you can see in the photograph and when I close the computer to stop work he moves to the position as indicated in the photograph, to my side, whereupon I lift him up onto my lap and we have a session of peace and quiet together (plenty of loving) and then I say “okay” which is the signal for him to go to the end of the bed to wait to be picked up by me to take him to the kitchen for his breakfast or his second breakfast.

Here is another photo:

Charlie waits patiently but comfortably for me to finish publishing this article.
Charlie waits patiently but comfortably for me to finish publishing this article.

He comes with me outside and messes around the garden while I am online. He never comes onto the desk.

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43 thoughts on “Simon’s Cat Video: An Affectionate Homage to Michael Broad and his Cat Charlie”

  1. My Dot the Snot has a habit of trying to get on my lap when I am sitting at the computer. For the most part it doesn’t bother me except when she slips and ends up clings to my legs. She also loves to rub against the edge of the keyboard and makes me start over again.

  2. This article made me laugh so much, its so true, such a wonderful article Jo, and I love the way how Michael has responded. Jasmine, has had the habit lately of coming up and Curling up in a ball in my arms, she has gotten really affectionate lately. She does this while i can still type. Sometimes, Rebel will come right up and head butt me. The others will sleep in their beds on the table. Or Meow really loudly at me. I’m amazed at just how Cats are really in-tune to us when they need something or require us attention.


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