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Simon’s Cat Video: An Affectionate Homage to Michael Broad and his Cat Charlie — 43 Comments

  1. My Dot the Snot has a habit of trying to get on my lap when I am sitting at the computer. For the most part it doesn’t bother me except when she slips and ends up clings to my legs. She also loves to rub against the edge of the keyboard and makes me start over again.

  2. This article made me laugh so much, its so true, such a wonderful article Jo, and I love the way how Michael has responded. Jasmine, has had the habit lately of coming up and Curling up in a ball in my arms, she has gotten really affectionate lately. She does this while i can still type. Sometimes, Rebel will come right up and head butt me. The others will sleep in their beds on the table. Or Meow really loudly at me. I’m amazed at just how Cats are really in-tune to us when they need something or require us attention.

  3. Cisco started behaving much like Simon’s Cat recently, wanting to lay on my wrist when I typed. This did not work out. I often move the laptop into the kitchen to write so he can be close but he started getting obstructively close and I have to try to earn his din-din. (and Pancho’s and mine) So I started writing other places without a Cisco. Lonelier but easier to concentrate. Fortunately, it’s summer so he just went into the cat enclosure or sat on the cat tower and slept or watched the world go by. Speaking of Simon’s Cat, did you see where they are doing a Kickstarter to enable them to do an 11 minute feature film, in color, starring Simon and cat? It’s on YouTube if anyone is interested.

  4. Michael, it came from the heart!

    And my brain just took over to get my fingers moving over the keys.

    Sometimes inspurration just comes out of the blue! But mine is always based on something I believe to be true!

  5. 1. You have a lot of programs!
    2. I think we might have the same duvet pattern
    3. *SNORGLES* to Charlie (and you’re fortunate I don’t live near you, or I’d visit wearing my coat with the huge pockets 😉 >^^<
    4. This is the best "Simon's Cat" vid ever, IMHO
    5. Here is our COO, Sammi. He sees to it that everything runs smoothly, and he oversaw our recent upgrade as well as our recent addition of a new system.

  6. I would just like to say that Jo has been too generous in her words. The reason why I do this is for cats and for myself, to give me a purpose, to keep me occupied. It’s not about writing for me it’s about doing something purposeful and useful and as I said and a lot of the reason is selfish. I do it for myself as well as for cat welfare.

  7. Charlie is so patient and polite.
    Sometimes, I dream about what that would be like.
    All could be quiet and sleepy time here, but the minute I get on the computer, on the phone, or in the shower, I’m suddenly in demand. Heaven help me if I’m trying to read the newspaper or balance my checkbook.
    Stepping all over the surge protector is the most fun of all since that button shuts everything down.
    I often wake up to a dead computer too and an answering machine that is speaking to me in spanish or french.

  8. That is a sweet photo of Charlie looking slightly impatient, yet understanding. Peeking from behind the computer. Nice one.

    Thanks Jo, for the morning entertainment.

  9. Oh yeah…I can SO identify! It’s usually Mouse or Wheezel….Mouse wants the water in the tub turned on, Wheez wants attention and is the one in the back of the monitor knocking off the antiglare screen (and scaring me half to death) and shedding so I have to vacuum the cat hair from the computers air intake vents AGAIN.

    It’s just standard procedure every day here 🙂 That’s life with 6 cats I guess 🙂

  10. I almost always have a helper. Tallulah’s bed is right next to my desk and if I am at my computer for any length of time (more than 30 seconds), she will hop up into my lap……no small feat for this slightly deformed kitty. She will sit and watch me work, purring up a storm. Sometimes, she will even edit my work and the resulting language is quite interesting. 🙂

  11. Seems like Mac users and cats are linked (written on a Mac). Is there something about the reason we choose Macs and why we become cat people?

  12. this is so funny. . . one of my cats(Tabby) has accidentally turned my computer off, so my son fixed it so she can’t turn it of by just standing on the button. . .but there are times when I get home or get up that I can see that she has turned it on!! Funny cats. . . My Mario likes to “type” at times when I am doing things — so I let him type messages to my cat furriends on our group cat page. . .everyone looks forward to his “messages”. . . I have fun with my cats, but they don’t bother me too much while I am doing stuff on the computer — especially when I am gaming!! Great post!!

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