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Simon’s Song — 6 Comments

  1. Well. My apologies for prior run-on comments, if they show.
    The melody and harmony are lovely, but I think that if it were not for hearing Monty’s Mom’s lovely mezzo-soprano(?) voice, I would not have listened fully. You are awesome, Ruth. <3 🙂

  2. Monty’s Mom, you are so loved by all. Thank you for relating to all of us who feel like you do. You verbalised it better than any of us ever could, without ego. You’re a blessing, just like your Monty! 🙂

    • sorry–i respond too quickly? Your Monty has become so much a part of us all…and you Are the Cat’s Prrr…and Meow! (affectionately, I still want to see more jpegs on this site) 🙂

  3. You little stinker, Michael. To so sweetly put this up again. Love your site, and all of our beloved cats… 🙂

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