Simple Short Facebook Video Quadruples Adoptions For Sacramento Shelter

How beautifully effective this very short and simple video has been! It goes to show that you don’t have to make a fancy video to attract attention and for it to go viral. I think it’s the content which is effective in this instance. You see the faces of these cats and dogs in their cages and you can’t help but be touched. Keeping it simple helps to focus on their faces. No doubt too, this animal shelter has developed decent Facebook following.

The video should be a lesson to all animal shelters as a means to increase adoptions especially at times when the numbers of unwanted animals goes up such as at Independence Day on fourth July this year when fireworks are set off and dogs and cats run away sometimes to become unwanted, unidentified pets at shelters waiting for a new chance in life.

Ask and ye shall receive – there is an awful lot of goodwill out there amongst the citizens of America especially when it comes to animal welfare. Of course it isn’t always like that but this very short, very simple and direct video posted on Facebook simply asks for assistance by encouraging people to adopt rescue animals at the shelter.

The video went viral and accumulated well over 4 million views. Job done. I am sure that it is not always that easy or straightforward. I’m sure there are other videos on Facebook which have the same purpose and which have not gone viral but it is nice to see one which has.

PR coordinator, Bobby Mann, of the Front Street Animal Shelter makes a good point which is worth repeating. He says that at Independence Day (which is coming up on Tuesday fourth July this year) is a time when fireworks are set off.

Cats and dogs run away sometimes under these circumstances and they end up at their shelter. Some are unidentifiable which presents problems of course. I have always believed that people who like to celebrate with fireworks should be more considerate of others and more respectful of animal welfare. I feel that people can be too selfish and too self-indulgent when celebrating with fireworks and it is time to make and market silent fireworks which would allow people to enjoy themselves while simultaneously not upsetting thousands upon thousands of animals.

To return to the video: I don’t know how many animal shelters are involved with Facebook or have the ability to make a nice little short video like this one. Clearly, it can be highly effective. I would hope that the efforts of this animal shelter will encourage others to follow suit in the interests of increasing adoptions and saving the lives of unwanted animals.

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