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Singapore: The Universality of Cat Abuse — 5 Comments

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  2. One of my relatives used to live in Singapore a couple of months ago and now they are in California, USA.

    They often told me about Singapori cat recipes. I was very hurt in those days and I always got sick by their experinces in Singapore.

    I know about the cruelty ongo in EASTERN countries specially. These countries are the hottest on planet earth and humanity here have melted brains. They need to be educated in one or another ways but the basic issue comes always from their governments.

    People think that I talk about politics but it is not in that way at all.

    Michael! we are prisoners of politics here, The democracy of the WEST is much intellectual and mature in all LEVELS than in EASTERN countries.

    I have to admit the TRUTH and stop covering the truth behind the curtains of LIES. I have to stop covering the false pride to be an EASTERN. Let me report the TRUTH and have a brave heart t listen/ accept it rather than to cover it.

    I accept that in the whole world, we are facing cruelty towards the free roaming cats/kittens. But I also accept that “OTHER THINGS” are the basic cause of such cruelty.

    I am finishing my article about the term “OTHER THINGS” in a day or tomorrow I will mail you my article/ Report.

    I think that until the state is not serious about the issue, this kind of worst cruelty will go on. 🙁

    Sorry! but can’t stop to reply with long comments, hope you all will tolerate it. <3

    • These countries are the hottest on planet earth and humanity here have melted brains


      I couldn’t agree more that the state has a massive role to play to set the tone and attitude of its citizens towards animal welfare. They can change the way their citizens think and education is the key reinforced by strong animal welfare laws fully enforced.

  3. Thank you for warning us first about the website that is set up! I don’t think i could handle any more brutality! This grossly affects me at times to the point that it makes me just want to stop helping in the fight against the evil!! Evil seems to prevail and i for one am tired of people getting by with whatever evil deeds they wish to bestow on a living creature!! Laws everywhere are so lax that even those brought to justice in the United States get slaps on the wrist. Why would i expect any more however? The judicial system is part of a long line of corruption that only precipitates more violence. I truly do not have an answer! I just know i am affected living a life surrounded by lunatics! Who’s only MO is to kill, maim, destroy, harm, terrorize and instill fear!

    • Me too, I am tired of craziness and badness in our midst. There are a lot of fine people but too many who are not. This form of cat abuse is so prevalent in the world. It is a symptom of human ignorance and nastiness.

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