Singapura Cat Breed

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Singapura Cat Breed

The Singapura Cat Breed is the smallest cat breed in the cat fancy and slightly heavier than the miniature and teacup cats. The CFA breed standard tells us exactly what the appearance should be. Read here an abbreviated version in conjunction with probably the best cats in the best photographs in a super sized slide show. Slide show loading 2-3 seconds……

I refer to the CFA breed standard in respect of the Singapura cat breed. In my words, the overall impression is of an alert, small to medium sized cat (I have called her small) with big eyes and a delicate coat coloring.

Right away when you look at Helmi’s photographs you see these qualities. The coloring is extremely delicate and “refined” as the CFA have called it.

Singapura cat
Photo: © Seymore Sinn

The head should be rounded, that is made clear in the standard, with, as I understand it, a medium-short muzzle added on (without wanting to sound crude). In profile (see Sadie and Mugshot in the slide show) there should be a straight line from nose to chin. This is a “blunt nose” as the CFA describe it.

The ears of the cat in the slide show are noticeably larger than average and this is a requirement. The standard reinforces this requirement by saying that small ears are a serious fault.

The eyes must be large and be hazel, yellow or green. No other color in allowed under this standard. Tumbleweed has yellow eyes and Emerald has green eyes.

The body is “small to medium”. I believe this to be the smallest cat in the cat fancy (correct me if I’m wrong) so I am not sure why the CFA describe the Singapura as small to medium; perhaps she should be “small”. The body should be “moderately stocky and muscular”. For me the cats in the slide show are not remotely “stocky” but they are muscular. These cats are more elegant and refined looking which is not in my opinion compatible with being stocky.

The CFA use some geometry in the breed standard. They say that the “legs and floor to form a square”. That on the face of it means the length of the body of this cat is the same as the length of the legs provided the legs are vertical. It is not possible to test this with the cats in the slide show as their legs are always bent.

The coat sould be very short and silky lying close to the body – very noticeable in all the cats shown. If the coat has cold or gray tones the cat is penalized in competition. It is quite a fine line between the refined old ivory look and grey.

This, of course, is not the entire standard just the bits that I find interesting or more specific.

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