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Singapura Kitten Calls The Police! — 7 Comments

  1. Funny! I can see how that could happen.

    Damon, the hoarder is always walking on my answering machine and turns off the ringer and changes my preferred language to Spanish or French just by stepping on the buttons.

    • ha ha – that is funny Dee.. I can just picture it suddenly talking in Spanish and you just knowing Damon had obviously passed by recently 🙂 ….too funny 🙂

      • Sometimes, I think I should have named him Demon instead of Damon (kidding).
        But, I love these kinds of articles. They lighten and brighton my day.

  2. My sister’s cellphone dials itself when it falls down into the plastic box we keep our remotes, game controllers, phones, etc. in. It had to push 79 and send to call my brother in law! Auto dialed two other numbers, but the send wasn’t pressed. I know it is just chance and she has almost all 99 auto-dial positions used, so the chances are higher that someone will get dialed, but it’s still crazy. I can see how a cat could auto dial someone.

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