Singed tabby cat rescued from California’s forest fires and loved

The photograph tells it all. The look on his face. The singed whiskers. He’s been through a difficult time but survived. And now he’s loved by that gargantuan group of ladies on the Internet who love to rescue cats and who deeply care about their welfare. The photograph is from Facebook. It was posted by the Sonoma Humane Society. This dispirited but sweet looking tabby cat was found on the 9th of October. He is neutered. He had no collar. He was found under a car in the Sutter Centre Rosa Hospital lot. He is now safe in the hands of the Sonoma Humane Society.

His photograph and the caption to it has been shared over 14,000 times and there are almost 800 comments. This is why I say that he is loved and cared for by this huge group of cat rescuers who so want to help him. He has already been helped by being cared for professionally.

Perhaps his owner will come forward as his picture has been publicised a lot. Specifically, he was lost during the North Bay fires. He is microchipped we are told and the Humane Society are waiting for his owner to come forward. If not he’ll no doubt find a welcome home with an excellent caretaker/guardian.

The California fires have been devastating. They are big news in Europe and it is sad to see such a beautiful part of the world being burnt up with loss of human life. Gov Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in several counties.

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5 thoughts on “Singed tabby cat rescued from California’s forest fires and loved”

      1. I agree with Diane. My dog is usually my shadow and both my cats live inside. I would not leave without them, even if I have to tear the house apart to find them. I know most of their hiding places.

        1. Mee too. I just couldn’t do it. Although in the mad panic I am not sure what I’d do. I’d have thought they would have had the time to get the cat out.

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