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Sinister goings-on behind theft of cat by two boys from front porch in Vancouver?

Jack hasn’t been seen since he was stolen (Facebook)

This is a further follow-up page on the theft of a cat called Jack by two boys in Vancouver, USA on 5 June 2019 at 8:18 PM. I’ve read the Facebook post of Nora Syverson, who is Jack’s owner, and I’ve also read the Facebook post of I Paw’d It Forward, an organisation which is managing the search for Jack.

EARLIER POSTS: First post outlines the story and the second by Elisa digs deeper.

The 14-year-old boy who stole Jack has been caught and interviewed by the police. He says that he released the cat not far from Nora’s home but Jack has not been found. If he had been released not far from his home it is likely that he would have wandered back by now as the distance is more or less within the normal wandering range of outside cats. There is a search party out for Jack and currently without success. It makes you wonder and it is concerning.

6/17 Update: Jack is still missing. Despite a LARGE search effort in the community, there has been no sign of him. A local nonprofit, I Paw’d it Foward, has taken over organizing his search and REWARD money (which is over $2000 dollars!).

Nora Syverson – Jack’s owner

The police are not working actively on the matter. They have referred charges to the prosecutor i.e. they have asked the local authority’s prosecutor whether they can charge the boy for theft and trespass (I presume criminal trespass).

The point that I want to make is whether there is something sinister behind the whole thing. Elisa, my colleague, has told me that other people on Facebook believe that these boys have been involved in similar incidents before. If that is the case they could be serial cat thieves and perhaps more. What I mean is they may be doing something to these cats which is the sinister element of the story.

There are two things which support this hypothesis. Somebody created a false Facebook account purporting to be the boy who stole the cat. Below is a transcript of what that Facebook account stated. It sounds as if these are not the words of a 14-year-old boy. Are they are the words of a young man who wants to hurt local domestic and stray cats and does so with the assistance of vulnerable teenage boys whose mother has no idea what’s happening?

We know that someone, claiming to be the boy who stole the cat, created a fake FB account and messaged the family apologizing and saying things like “me and my friend were walking around” (they were not both walking, his friend was on a bike and we don’t know that he didn’t have a bike in the alley) and “due to how friendly your cat was I was able to picker up” (That is NOT something a 14 yr old kid would say in our opinion) and “I am so very sorry and I am a cat owner myself and I didn’t realize how much my actions could hurt some one so much” (also NOT the words of a 14 yr old boy – keep in mind his mother supposedly didn’t know what happened at this point) and then there is this “I’m going to do everything I can to find your dear cat and return him/her”. (When was the last time you EVER heard a 14 yr old boy who doesn’t even know his friends last name use the word “dear”?

I Paw’d It Forward FB post partial transcript.

I Paw’d It Forward also state on their Facebook page that they have spoken to several teenagers in the neighbourhood who have mentioned a group of boys who are allegedly stealing animals and giving them drugs to watch them die. They’re asking for information about this behaviour. I’m including a section of their Facebook post on this page which you can see below.

Section of I Paw’d It Forward‘s FB post of June 14.

It is slightly disturbing, to me, that the police are treating this as theft when it could be more and have wrapped up the case (it appears to me) without pursuing something possibly sinister behind the known behaviour of these teenage boys. More needs to be done to explore this.

As I Paw’d It Forward say, there are some horrible people on the planet who like to hurt cats. This is a known behavioural issue regarding certain human beings. The cat is a particularly suitable receptacle for anger and aggression by disturbed people and a good segment of society dislike cat anyway. The possibility that cats are being taken off the streets of Vancouver and from front porches to be harmed in some wicked activity is entirely plausible in my opinion. I read thousands of stories like this and what’s happening here fits in with the general tenor of those stories.

2 boys seen back in March with same method (Facebook)
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