Sir Caviar My Maine Coon

Sir Caviar My Maine Coon

by Paula J.

Hi. My name is Paula and I am a happy Maine Coon cat owner. My kitty’s name is Sir Caviar and he is a total joy. I met Cavy when he was nine weeks old. I had desired a kitty cat for a little while and decided to find one. I began to looked in the paper in the pet section where I found an add for free kittens.

Curious, I dialed the associated number and set a time to see the kittens. Upon arriving at the owner’s home I laid eyes upon Cavy and that was all she wrote.

He’s sooo cute and cuddley! And talk about personality! I love my kitty Cavy and wouldn’t trade him for the world! He’s been a true joy to my home and family.

Paula J.

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Sir Caviar My Maine Coon

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Oct 20, 2009 Name alone
by: Michael

Paula thanks for sharing. The name that you gave your Maine Coon is good enough reason to publish your post here. A great name – I love it. And when Sir Caviar is shortened to “Cavy”. I am sold.

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