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Situation critical at rural NC animal shelter after 62 cats arrive in only 2 days — 11 Comments

  1. I have seen many articles in online media this year about overflowing animal shelters. So I can concur with you that this year may be a particularly bad year for unwanted cats and dogs. I feel that something must change. I feel that there needs to be an education program directed at cat owners and indeed dog owners who are reckless and careless with respect to animal welfare. It’s about personal attitude and taking responsibility for one’s actions. Too many people simply have a very sloppy attitude towards cat and dog ownership. Let’s educate them!

  2. Why is there a problem when even the ASPCA and Maddie’s-Fund campaign is widely encouraging everyone to practice TNRTF; trap, neuter, return-to-field, for all cats, socialized or feral. There’s plenty of room for outdoor homes for all these cats. No need to kill any of them! Get with the program! Let nature take its course. Coyotes, hawks, owls, diseases, injuries, parasites, fighting for territory, and cars will humanely euthanize them for you instead, without you having to see how a single one of them dies while happily frolicking in their outdoor homes–you know, where they belong because you “saved” them. It’s how TNR and RTF work. Didn’t they tell you this? Didn’t you read the rules. Are you saying now that ASPCA and HSUS have been dead-wrong all these years?

        • Someone is a troll and banned for speaking the absolute truth? Enjoy that bliss of self-inflicted ignorance within which you wallow all your lives. It only means that even more millions of cats die in heinous and inhumane ways because of what you believe and preach. You sure do love cats, don’t you. Even beyond your own failure to recognize your own “animal loving” blinders-on hypocrisy.

          • You say that this person was speaking the “absolute truth”. But what is the truth? This is not about truth this is about opinion. You seem to have misunderstood the situation completely. Some people like to kill outdoor cats because they do not believe in TNR. Other people believe in TNR because it is more humane. If TNR is practised properly and on a wide scale then it has been proved to be effective. We have a duty to act humanely towards feral cats. We put them there. You appear to have avoided that issue. We know that killing cats does not provide the answer.

            This is a difficult issue to deal with but ultimately killing cats is not the answer and it is not the truth. The truth lies in better cat ownership and humane treatment of unwanted cats and feral cats. I am afraid your bias has blinded you.

          • I have one more point to make and that is this. I did not ban this person. I “blocked” the person because I needed to watch what they were saying. Secondly, there are some very good people who visit this website and to contribute towards the site. It would be a dereliction of my duty if I let a one-off comment upset these people. I cannot let decent people become upset by one-off visitors who often have the desire to simply upset people and insult them.

        • You’d think the troll would realize we’re really on the same side on some issues. If people would spay and neuter we wouldn’t have shelters crammed to bursting.

          • Yes, exactly. My feelings about this are like yours. But there are some people who simply hate TNR and these same people like to kill cats it seems to me.

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