Six Abyssinian Kittens


Six Abyssinian Kittens

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“One must love a cat on its own terms.”– Paul Gray (cat quotes). There are many cat quotes that refer to or imply this sentiment; that cats are individuals and do exactly as they please ; forcing us to do as they please. This has a basis in truth, of course – cats train us. But cats can be trained. Do people act any differently? This little spoiler, on the right, to the line up below is one on those individuals. I think he might be the one who fell asleep in the cage while waiting to be photographed. The three on the right are ruddy coloured (Tawny – Ruddy/Usual) and the three on the left are, I think, blues. Maggie told me that…..:). Picking the coat colours of Abyssinian cats can be tricky. The breeders is Pat Harbert. The photo was taken at an Oklahoma cat show in 2009.

Six Abyssinian Kittens
Six Abyssinian Kittens and one spoiler – photo copyright Helmi Flick

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