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Six flat-faced Persians taken to rescue centre in one week for medical problems — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you for finally writing an article addressing genetically inherited disorders and breed issues. Someone besides me said it! I’ve researched so many genetic issues, and purposefully breeding brachycephalic (unnaturally flat-faced) animals is one of the biggest problems.

    It’s not just Persians (flat face variety. It can show in Himalayans (which are, actually, half Persian. They are also half Siamese which makes this much milder, thankfully.)

    It is also pugs. It is also bulldogs. American bulldogs can’t even give birth naturally their hips are so narrow compared to their front half, it kills them during child birth….Then STOP breeding them, on purpose!!!!

    They suffer cherry eye, entropion, extropion, congestion, snoring, extreme breathing issues, and due to the cobby body shape, actually are known to have shorter lifespans. They are not ‘more mellow’. Their breathing issues make them tired easier. That’s not a good thing.

    I have several related cats, and they aren’t purebred, but we can tell they have shorter faces, and carry longhair coats, and those who aren’t longhair are thick mediumhairs. We believe they are part Persian or British shorthair.
    They snore. My other cats don’t.
    Two of them have had to have surgery, at about $1,000 each, to correct eye entropion (eyelids curl inwards into the eye as they get older). It was horribly uncomfortable for them and took a while to heal properly for both of them.

    This isn’t something I can be behind doing to them on purpose, being an animal lover.

    (I’ll add photos of the two before and after their surgeries when I find them if I may. If I can’t add to this comment I’ll try putting the photos in a separate one.)

    • Thanks Katherine for your support on this. I means a lot to me. I have fought against this form of extreme selective breeding for about 10 years or more. It is objectionable and should be banned just like declawing. You are welcome to upload photos.

  2. Michael I am INCREDIBLY disappointed with you.

    This article is complete BS. Your photo of a neglected Persian with a horribly filthy face isn’t thing ANY decent breeder “likes”. I have shown for years and NO breeder in their right mind would ever leave a cat looking like that.

    Shame on you!

    • The article is not BS. I am sorry, there are breeders who breed cats like this and the flat-faced Persian should not exist. That is a real picture. I am quoting a vet at Battersea. That’s my viewpoint and I’ll stick to it. Breeders of the modern Persian should all close down. There is no place in the world for them and if you breed flat-faced Persian cats we can’t be friends. Sorry. There is no compromising on this. There just is not. It is time for change.

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