Six Little Dwarf Kittens

by Brenda Coop

My cat Tibbles recently gave birth to a litter of ten kittens. As they started to grow I noticed six of them were struggling to keep up with the others finding it increasingly hard to jump or land. I made a joke that they look like little dwarfs! I therefore took them to the vets and sure enough they were!

I couldn’t stand this fact and so promptly gave them away only shortly after craving them back. What a mistake I had made I realised soon after as if I had a child this way I would have never done such a harsh unkind doing.

I contacted the family that had taken in the 6 cats and was lucky enough to get one back!

Guess what Ive called him… Dopey!! And he is my little hero! What a changed person I’ve become because of this! xx


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Six Little Dwarf Kittens

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Nov 30, 2009
by: Michael

Hi Brenda, any chance of a photo? I’d love to see your little dwarf kitten. Leave a comment if you have one and I’ll tell you how to upload it.

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