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Six Things Not To Do When Your Cat Goes Missing — 12 Comments

  1. Apparently, #5 is quite the conundrum. This is the one that I certainly did not give enough thought to. My dilemma is that I believe that a neighbor halfway down the block kept Michael after he turned back up in our old stomping grounds. This was a huge property on Orchard Street where we all had lived and played together in the secluded back 1/2 acre. I’m thinking that I did not leave him inside long enough at the new house across town. It had not much of a yard, but as the Orchard St. house went into foreclosure, we were forced to take what we could find, and it wasn’t ideal.

    Michael was very attached to me as the human, along with two of my cats. We had a very close bond and it would be so unlike him to not stay close by my side. I’m conjecturing that he was confused, and being so gregarious and so attached to the secluded huge property, that he journeyed back over there across town, and then was taken in by a neighbor up the street. (All the neighbors loved him, but those close to me knew how endeared I was to him.)

    There are many more nuances and such that fuel my intuition, but I won’t take up the space and time here. Thank you for the two articles, and I will visit your website. No doubt we can pick up more tips from your articles and comments there. <3

  2. Very good advice its hard when an animal goes away or is lost. I remember when cassy used to go away for a short period as we knew where she was. In a house we lived at there was a big backyard and behind that was an old hospital where we would call her adventure playground as she always loved going back there, and even though we called her and could see her she refused to come home. I think at the time she was going wild which was so hard to see. I think she must of been in trauma at the time. Eventually she decided to come back home even when i thought id lost my cassy. Was a very traumatic time for me as had just lost a baby. Im sure she must of sensed something was wrong. As she just changed. In the end we ended up moving and the day we went she came back and we took her to the house we are in now and she was soo loving and cuddly and smoochy while before she wouldnt come near us and her wild abilities went. , she was like a different cat she stayed close to home never leaving or going far. We tend to think that she was happy we moved to a quiet area where there was lots of bush and forest area, lots of garden there is a road but its not a busy one.

  3. Great tips, Tim.
    Like Marc, I think #5 makes so much sense.
    I’ve done this myself a time or two and know some others who have too.
    I’ll be sharing these also.

  4. Number 5 is a very good bit of practical advice which I hadn’t thought of before. Good point. You have to call from a place where you will remain til the cat shows up.

    I never thought of this and I think it’s brilliant. Thank you.

    We lost Pepi about 3 years ago almost and he hasn’t returned sadly. I have hope that he is still alive, I really do. I have no idea where or how. I would guess he’s not too far away. Far enough to not come back home.

    My real question is does he want to come home or not. He seemed very happy, especially around the time he vanished. It was a particularly good time. I know it’s simplistic but that makes me think he didn’t want to leave.

  5. Thanks Tim. Do we have any statistics on success rates of finding missing cats? I have pessimistic outlook on this. If a cat goes missing I feel that most often the cat stays missing.

      • Thanks Tim. I have a feeling that in America, where there are predators that prey on cats, that a lot never come back because they are killed for food. Sounds ghastly but it is true I believe.

    • Doing CP Lost and Found we noticed that most cats reported to us as lost turned up within days of going missing, more went awol at this time of year, our CP branch call it the cats ‘silly season’ with Spring coming, un-neutered tom cats especially go walkabout.
      Most were found or returned home eventually, we had a few successes matching found cats with missing ones.
      I think the longer they are away the less chance of them returning but having said that we did have a few return who had been missing for quite a while.

      • We have a tomcat who patrols the entire area where I live. He calls out for a mate. He is behaving exactly like a cat should behave and it is spring time. He is not neutered – that must be the case. One of the residents described him as a nasty cat who fights or who tends to fight with other cats but he’s not that he is simply a cat behaving like a cat should and we should respect that. He might wander.

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