Six-week-old kitten rescued from Cupertino storm drain

Westport News tells us that the authorities in the San Francisco Bay Area rescued a six-week-old kitten from a storm drain. It was with great good fortune that a woman walking by happened to hear meowing and looking down she saw the tiny kitten at the bottom of the drain last Tuesday morning.

Kitten rescued from storm drain
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The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said that members of the San Jose Fire Department were involved with the rescue because they needed to lift the heavy metal grating covering the drain. Once they’re done so a police officer jumped down the drain to rescue the cute kitten who appears to be an orange tabby-and-white. I am sure that he or she will find a new home quite quickly. She is currently at an animal shelter waiting for adoption. I don’t have further details.

Kitten rescued from storm drain

Comment: I have to comment on this. I am speculating but surely someone has to question as to why a cute kitten ends up at the bottom of the storm drain trying to survive under impossible circumstances. There can only be two possibilities as I see it, which are that she was thrown down there by somebody who wanted to get rid of her or there was a flood and she was washed down the drain. The latter also begs the question as to why a kitten was near the storm drain in the first place.

I have to conclude that this kitten was thrown down the drain by somebody unless I’m missing the point. And this also begs the question as to how somebody could do it. But it never ceases to surprise me how callous and coldhearted some people can be. Fortunately the vast majority of people are decent and reasonably kind at least.

Photos: Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

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  1. It happens a lot more than you’d think. Some mama cats even take the kittens into a drain and don’t realize they could drown down there in a heavy rain.


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