Six-year-old writes book and sale proceeds go to animal charity

Oscar Payne is an avid animal lover. He was shocked one day when he saw how animals were abused on television and he cried. He was watching an RSPCA advert on animal abuse.

Oscar Payne with his book
Oscar Payne with his book. Photo: Hayley Payne’s FB page.
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“He absolutely howled in a way I’ve never heard him cry before! He told me we need another kitten. He said we need to rescue it and proceeded to cry some more.” – Hayley Payne Oscar’s mother.

Oscar then wanted to donate £10 of his pocket money to an animal charity but came up with the idea of writing a book for sale and giving the money to the RSPCA.

Oscar is an keen reader and has read all the Roald Dahl books. So far tell us hat he has sold 20 books at £1 each. The title is ‘The Old Man and his Pets‘.

There are six copies of the book remaining! His mother says that she will have to print more copies.

There is an American boy who is also 6 and he likes to make money for animal charities too!

Colt Daniels
Colt Daniels

This is Cold Daniels who in his spare time makes toys for sale. He lives in Chattanooga. He calls his business ‘Cold Critters’.

“I just want to make the puppies happy.”

The proceeds of sale go to McKamey Animal Centre. The toys are made from recycled materials. His mom and dad help him but he is fully involved. His mom, Erin, is super proud.

“I’m super proud. It’s not every day that kids are giving back and doing things that they’re doing all the time.”

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